Written by Charles Lewis

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not a guessing game. Much like repparttar process of writing a research paper (or locatingrepparttar 128385 right person to do it for you), your SEO strategy must be thoroughly studied and outlined before being put to action. Targetingrepparttar 128386 wrong keywords can be a real waste of time, and has a great chance of resulting in:

- Irreversible damage to scalp - Broken keyboards and computer monitors - Loss of voice - Fire. . . and lots of it!

You are now going to learn how to chooserepparttar 128387 wrong keywords. In doing so, you will be able to fully comprehend exactly how to selectrepparttar 128388 absolute best keyword or search phrase to focus on in your quest for a top ten search engine ranking. ## STEP ONE - Target Keywords That Nobody Searches For

Targeting keywords that no one searches for is a rather simple process. What you'll want to do first, is go torepparttar 128389 Word Tracker web site ( If you do not already have an account with them, userepparttar 128390 trial.

Enter a keyword that is closely related to your business, and WALA -- a hot batch of freshly baked keywords. Click onrepparttar 128391 separate keywords, found onrepparttar 128392 left hand side ofrepparttar 128393 page, and onrepparttar 128394 right side ofrepparttar 128395 page you will see a listing of how many requests each one receives per month, as well as how many sites you are competing with.

Now, it is of great importance that you scroll down torepparttar 128396 bottom ofrepparttar 128397 page, and chooserepparttar 128398 keywords that receiverepparttar 128399 least requests per month. Zero is a good number, but three to five is an acceptable amount as well.

LESSON TO BE LEARNED: Make absolutely sure that people are searching for what you are optimizing for. If you optimize your page for something nobody searches for, then your efforts will all be in vain.

## STEP TWO - Choose Keywords With Lots Of Competition

Did you notice that this nifty web site also shows you how much competition you're facing?

That's right -- in order to chooserepparttar 128400 wrong keywords to focus on, your secondary goal is to focus on those withrepparttar 128401 absolute maximum amount of competition. Don't even bother with keywords which show two, three, or even four-digit numbers of competing web sites. Choosing these would almost ensure your success in achieving a decent ranking.

Three Steps To Success

Written by Jeff McCall

Following a mention in my free newsletter 'Success Lines' that I was having some success generating traffic fromrepparttar pay-per-click search engine, I received an email from a subscriber asking for a blow by blow account of how I did it. So, forrepparttar 128384 benefit of a wider audience here's my response.

I should first point out that I like to keep things as simple as possible, so I'll limit this to three straightforward steps.

Step 1 - Find your keywords

Goto provide a useful tool for identifyingrepparttar 128385 most commonly searched keywords forrepparttar 128386 previous month. There's no guess work here. If a search term has received hundreds of hits in a month, it's safe to assume that it'll continue to do so inrepparttar 128387 future.

First you need to visitrepparttar 128388 page where Goto provides its advertising tools. This is:

Then click on "Search Term Suggestion Tool". This will bring up a search box in which you type your main keyword. In this example I'll userepparttar 128389 keyword "ebook". The result is a list of search terms from "free ebook" at 13944 hits to "ebook publish" at 49 hits.

Step 2 - Findrepparttar 128390 cost to bid

Having selected your search terms fromrepparttar 128391 list, you need to determine whether you can afford to bid for them. You're aiming to get inrepparttar 128392 top 3 slots, as this means you will be featured on many other search engines rather than just Goto.

Usingrepparttar 128393 same URL as above click on "Get Current Bid Tool". This will open a search box in which you type your selected search term. I'm going to use "free ebook downloads" which appeared towardsrepparttar 128394 middle ofrepparttar 128395 previous list with around 900 hits.

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