Written by Craig Lock

"If a man has talent and cannot use it, he has failed. If he has a talent and uses only half of it, he has partly failed. If he has a talent and learns somehow to userepparttar whole of it, he has gloriously succeeded and has a satisfaction and a triumph few men ever know." -- Thomas Wolfe

By now you have decided what kind of writer you'd like to be:

You either want to write for pleasure or for profit.

To write articles or just to write for your own enjoyment?

Or perhaps just start writing and see what develops.

To perhaps even one day write a book-about your life or aboutrepparttar 129587 life of someone you know.

To one day writerepparttar 129588 novel you always dreamed of...and I believe everyone has some tale to tell. We can all reach out and help others by sharing a little of our little (don't repeat 'little' in such close proximity- "yes sir, boss"!) world. Somebody else said: "No one but a blockhead would write not to be published."... but I don't agree with that one.

I believe writing is for pleasure or profit, but it can be both. That'srepparttar 129589 ideal to aim (and wish/hope) for. Could I end that sentence with a "preppie" (preposition)?

That was my ideal when I started out in my quest to do something worthwhile with my life after being dropped out ofrepparttar 129590 sky here in "Sleepy Hollow". I try to have a bit of FUN with my writing, because life (together with allrepparttar 129591 appendages, like mortgages, bills (but not my business associate, Bill Rosoman), wives, "hubbies", etc) can be ever so serious.

We spoke about making a writer out of you.

Decide where and when to write.

Which room is most comfortable and gives you peace and quiet?

When are you most creative?

Are you a "morning" or "evening" person, when your concentration is at it's highest level? My body rhythms (correct spelling - for a change!) work best inrepparttar 129592 early morning, so I'm in bed with my teddy bear and hot "choccie" and pussy cat by 9pm. How utterly boring!

When are you most likely to be undisturbed? I haverepparttar 129593 strangest type of people (plenty of "weirdos") dropping in to visit "recluse" me. Must berepparttar 129594 lot of an "artist"!

Treat your writing seriously and bar visitors - it is your work or leisure time, yet people don't seem to understand that. "When are you going to get a proper job", askrepparttar 129595 locals continuously (should it be 'continually'?), as they can't seem to understand us "strange" writers. Nor even my good Aussie friend, Kaye who is visiting atrepparttar 129596 moment!

* GETTING STARTED What to write about?

This isrepparttar 129597 writer's principal dilemma.

Write whatrepparttar 129598 market wants, but draw on your world, your unique experiences in life.

Ask yourself this:

How can I best inform, entertain, help or perhaps even inspire other people?

Where to get ideas? The human mind hasrepparttar 129599 most incredible power and your magination is your greatest asset. . So userepparttar 129600 great powers of your IMAGINATION torepparttar 129601 fullest by allowing your creative juices to flow.


Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

It is an absolutely perfect day. The sun is shining and warm breezes gently cross our path. The sweet sound of chirping birds fillsrepparttar air andrepparttar 129584 gentle lapping water onrepparttar 129585 lake adds torepparttar 129586 total "perfect" picture.

But there are a few clouds that are determined to continue coming andrepparttar 129587 closer they getrepparttar 129588 more ominous they appear. The warm breezes turn into chilling wind andrepparttar 129589 birds have turned silent. The water now swirls andrepparttar 129590 sun has been obliterated by these menacing clouds.

We take shelter and decide to enjoy a hot cup of tea or perhaps coffee. We build a fire inrepparttar 129591 fireplace and pick up that novel we always wanted to read. A warm coverlet covers our legs and we snuggle into a soft, leather chair. We will weather outrepparttar 129592 storm and wait for it to pass.The windows are pelted with rain andrepparttar 129593 sound of thunder shakes our little cottage. Somehow we have relaxed torepparttar 129594 point that we have fallen asleep.

We awake to total quiet. The fire has died andrepparttar 129595 sun is fillingrepparttar 129596 room, streaming throughrepparttar 129597 windows. We jump up and throw openrepparttar 129598 door. And there it is - repparttar 129599 most beautiful rainbow that you could imagine. The colors are vivid and range from pinks, purples, and blues to green, yellow, and hues we can't even put a name to. The air is sweet withrepparttar 129600 smell of fresh rain andrepparttar 129601 birds are again fillingrepparttar 129602 air with sound. Everything is calm and breathtaking in its beauty. We are enthralled byrepparttar 129603 rainbow and can't take our eyes off of it. It arcs overrepparttar 129604 lake and we dream about that pot of gold atrepparttar 129605 end of it. We are glad to be alive and feel stronger for having weatheredrepparttar 129606 storm. We feel more confident, somehow, as well as more appreciative for allrepparttar 129607 storms in our lives that bringrepparttar 129608 rainbows.

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