Written by Dale Calvert

The reality of network marketing is: It is easier to build your Business fast than it is slow!

Lots of prospects, create lots of presentations daily. Lots of presentations daily create results...results create momentum and ALL LARGE DOWNLINES ARE BULT IN A STATE OF MOMENTUM...


All heavy hitters inrepparttar industry understand this concept. I continually try to communicate to our leaders that you must create more leads than you can possibly handle.

You then funnel those leads through filters. What are filters?

Filters are self-qualifying tools designed for prospects to eliminate themselves from your recruiting funnel. The idea quite simply is to stuff your funnel full of prospects each day and then only communicate withrepparttar 122612 few people that qualify themselves by dropping out ofrepparttar 122613 funnel atrepparttar 122614 other end.

What can be used as qualifiers?

Corporate web sites

Send and email to your prospects telling them to visitrepparttar 122615 corporate web site, then email you back after they visit. If you never hear back from them, they have disqualified themselves.

You can also use conference calls, recorded voice mail or sizzle lines, audio cassettes, andrepparttar 122616 list goes on an on. One ofrepparttar 122617 very best generic pre-qualifiers I have seen is an online Flash Presentation. Check this site out, & make sure you readrepparttar 122618 testimonies, they are phenomenal!

In todays market place we simply do not have time to CHASE prospects. MLM Professionals understand that they are looking for people that are looking for them! As Jim Rohn says, to be successful in sales or recruiting you must "Talk to lots of people EVERY DAY." The KEY WORDS BEING...EVERYDAY!

The problem with this concept?

Quality lead generation can be VERY EXPENSIVE. If you expect to create an endless flow of qualified prospects, you will have to spend money. Period. There is simply no way around it!

However there IS a way to recapture (and sometimes even profit from)repparttar 122619 advertising dollars you must spend. It is called "A Funded Proposal". My friend Joe Schroder was on this "Funded Proposal" campaign a few years ago. He isrepparttar 122620 one that actually sold me onrepparttar 122621 concept.

MLM Professionals simply find a way to recoup all or some of their advertising investment onrepparttar 122622 back end or their lead generation programs.

A great example of this is our generic training "Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire" series. Inrepparttar 122623 past, our distributors were allowed to send out a 4-page reverse sales letter to those who had solicited them for another MLM program. Many of us receive dozens of offers daily through snail mail and 20-30 through email. We immediately try to reverse sponsor them into our program. That is a mistake! Why not offer them a product or service ierepparttar 122624 MLM Marketing Center membership, which can enhance their productivity! Start developing a relationship with that person.

Money Making Schemes: Multi-Level Marketing

Written by Richard Lowe

Disclaimer: This is one of a series of articles which contain my personal opinions, based upon my own experiences, about various money-making programs. You may have had difference experiences which give you different opinions.

I've thought long and hard about this, and spent a great deal of time researching. This was a tough thing to admit and to confront, but here it is. (I will addrepparttar comment that these are just my personal opinions and should be taken as such. Other people will have formed their own opinions.)

ALL multi-level marketing is a scam. Every single one of them is a pyramid scheme based uponrepparttar 122611 people atrepparttar 122612 top feeding onrepparttar 122613 people atrepparttar 122614 bottom. If you are lucky enough to be one ofrepparttar 122615 few atrepparttar 122616 top ofrepparttar 122617 pyramid, you might make a few dollars before (a)repparttar 122618 police bust you or (b)repparttar 122619 whole thing collapses.

Oh, I know these groups will all protest that they are somehow different. They haverepparttar 122620 answers. They know how to make money and they just want to share it all with you, for a small fee, of course.

The truth is that these groups require immense amounts of work on your part to even break even. You have to put your heart and soul into them, and even then you are taking a chance.

I knew someone (named Jeff) a few years ago who was involved in Herbalife. It was very strange watching Jeff try and sellrepparttar 122621 program to others (including myself). He believed! It was practically a second religion for him, and he preached about how great it was all ofrepparttar 122622 time. He tried to sell me some vitamins by proclaiming how much better than normal they were ... they were special vitamins, with a secret mix of herbs to make them more potent and absorb better intorepparttar 122623 body. He had to justify a huge price markup ... and he preached so well that he even convinced me to buy one bottle. Silly me, they were just vitamins.

But wait, one thing you have to understand about multi-level marketing is you are NOT REALLY SELLING A PRODUCT. That'srepparttar 122624 key to all of these systems. YOU ARE SELLING THE PROGRAM. Your job is to sign up people under you who will sell for you and sign up more people under them.

That isrepparttar 122625 key thing to remember. You do make money from selling products, like any other salesman, butrepparttar 122626 real cash is from getting other people to make money for you. The more you getrepparttar 122627 more you make ... in theory.

What really happens torepparttar 122628 MLM companies is sad. They usually start fast and furious, because their funding is often weak. They have to make a bang immediately, sorepparttar 122629 initial members (the only one's who make any real money most ofrepparttar 122630 time) work hard to sign up people as quickly as they can. Every tactic, however unethical, is okay at this point as long as thousands or tens of thousands of members are signed up almost immediately.

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