Written by Rhoberta Shaler, PhD

When you choose your partner and commence a full-time relationship, you look forward to a future of love, support, encouragement, communication and intimacy. Right? After all, you are in love and you're both on your best behaviour--so how could there be any problems?

Learning how to establish and maintain a loving, supportive relationship is much like creating a beautiful garden. It takes information, planning, thought, skill, time, and most of all, attention. Like many gardeners, you learn your skills and styles from your parents, close friends and relatives. You watch them fromrepparttar time you are little. They teach you both your roles in a relationship, and how to play them, through their example. This happens in every family and much ofrepparttar 102008 teaching is unintentional and unconscious. Many of you did not like what you saw and, yet, in your poorest moments, you may behave just that way. In angry, tense times, you revert torepparttar 102009 ways you learned in those early days! No wonder your relationships provide you with challenges that cause you to forgetrepparttar 102010 "honeymoon" period sometimes!

The good news is that you can learn how to have a full, rich, loving relationship that allows each partner to express his/her thoughts, feelings, wants, needs and vulnerabilities AND FEEL COMPLETELY SAFE!! You can learn to be assertive (not aggressive) and to collaborate with your partners. You can learn to listen with your minds and hearts. You can learn to fight fair and resolve conflicts equitably and sanely. You can learn to value and acknowledge both yourself and your partner. You can learn to speak from your hearts and be safe. You can learn to ask for what you need and want. You can learn to love more fully. You can learn to DEEPEN your love. It may take some unlearning, releasing habits, fears and beliefs that are blocks to experiencing and expressing love but YOU’RE WORTH IT!

Discover a Master Wordsmith's Secret for Turning Everything You Say into Wealth, Well-Being and Personal Success

Written by Ted Nicholas

You might think this strange, but every day, before I start work, I stand up, look torepparttar sky, throw my hands inrepparttar 102007 air, and shout out loud: "I feel terrific!"

This is what I call an 'affirmation' -- positive self-talk to charge up my emotions and help me produce my very best work. An affirmation can be as simple as "YES!" uplifting as "I'm very happy at this moment!"...or as determined as "I'm willing to do whatever is necessary to succeed!"

Try it for yourself right now. Choose a positive message you want to tell yourself. Then stand up, put your head back, throw your arms up, and shout it out loud. Makes you feel uncomfortable? Good! You've just discovered how powerful words can be.

Unlimited Success & Wealth are All Inrepparttar 102008 Words You Use

What'srepparttar 102009 single most important asset you and your business possess? Forget money and numbers. The true currency of business is WORDS. Communicating your ideas, your offer,repparttar 102010 benefits of your product -- using words to achieve your aims is repparttar 102011 single most important activity any business ever performs.

Unlimited success and wealth are as simple as usingrepparttar 102012 right words. You can get everything you've ever wanted in life, simply by sayingrepparttar 102013 right words -- becauserepparttar 102014 words which you communicate determinerepparttar 102015 quality of your life.

This is true whether communicating with others or with yourself. Especially with yourself.

Words haverepparttar 102016 power to induce someone to laugh, to cry, to be kind, to be loving, to be cooperative, or to buy. Or be unkind, angry, irrational.

Whether words are written or spoken, they have enormous power. Of course, when words are spoken,repparttar 102017 added factors of voice timbre, emphasis, emotion...all haverepparttar 102018 potential to cause even more impact.

Use Words to Achieve a Win - Win Situation

Here is what few businesspeople seem to realize: People all overrepparttar 102019 world really want to help and accommodate their fellow humans. But they must be approached properly. The magic words I'll reveal to you in a moment can manipulate a situation to bring you what you want -- which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Magic Words Can Bring You Riches

The same words, strategies and techniques that I've used to getrepparttar 102020 best results from everyday situation -- like hiring a Mercedes forrepparttar 102021 price of a Ford, slashingrepparttar 102022 cost of a first class hotel room, and buying valuable antiques at huge discounts -- can work magic for your business, too. Here are 3 ofrepparttar 102023 phrases, which have helped me build a career marketing over $500,000,000 of both my own and my client's products and services.

Magic Phrase #1 -- Attract Allrepparttar 102024 Money You Need for any business venture you'd like to start. The magic words here are "sophisticated investor." Every successful professional - such as a doctor or lawyer -- likes to think of himself or herself as sophisticated. And you can often attract these people to invest in your business.

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