Written by ARTHUR ZULU

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By Arthur Zulu

Why, you may ask, must I promote my book? I will tell yourepparttar 129449 reason with a pitiful picture I saw in an aquarium exhibit. An imprisoned young rainbow trout was looking out embarrassingly throughrepparttar 129450 open mouth of an Alaskan northern pike! Pityrepparttar 129451 small fish inrepparttar 129452 belly ofrepparttar 129453 big fish!

And that isrepparttar 129454 situation in life. The human tritons are swallowing uprepparttar 129455 human minnows!

It is no wonder then that any where you look, 20% ofrepparttar 129456 people are getting 80% ofrepparttar 129457 best things in life. Or put another way, 80% of all good things belong to 20% ofrepparttar 129458 people. Or, one person succeeds out of five! So, 80% of all best – sellers today are written by 20% ofrepparttar 129459 writers. And, out of about five writers, only one have written a best – seller. Where arerepparttar 129460 other four?

William Blake said: “Better strangle an infant in its cradle than act unacted desires” Out of five writers that thought of writing, only one wrote. Out of five people that wrote, only one got published. And out ofrepparttar 129461 five that got published, only one became a best – seller. That isrepparttar 129462 principle of life: Only those who back their desire with action, succeed. For nobody has “repparttar 129463 power to curserepparttar 129464 darkness” someone says, “unless he hasrepparttar 129465 courage to light a candle”,

So, if you have written a best – seller, and you fail to promote your book, it will die. You will become a minnow inrepparttar 129466 belly ofrepparttar 129467 triton. We shall now discuss ways to promote and market your book for best results.

1.Keep Writing Yes, because that was what gave you fame and fortune inrepparttar 129468 first place. This will help you keep in touch with your readers.

You have to write and publish articles, reply critics and answer your readers’ mails. It is not easy. But now you are a man (or woman) ofrepparttar 129469 world. And you have to maintain your status symbol.

What about writing a new book? Of course, your tight schedule does not prevent you from writing another book –- another best-seller. You see, that’srepparttar 129470 problem with best-selling authors.

If you have written a best – seller, your readers will be eagerly waiting for another, perhaps a sequel torepparttar 129471 first. And it must not be any less interesting thanrepparttar 129472 first. So, you have to beat your own record! No mean task. But not to worry. If you did one, you will do another.

2. Continue to Advertise Your publisher would already have been doing this. So you may or may not bother about it. Publishers use advertising methods that are most effective for their situations. If you are a self publisher, you may have already known what is working for you, and what is not. Some common promotion methods are through catalogs, sales to bookstores, libraries, schools, organizations, and other institutions; book reviews in newspapers and magazines, and window displays. There are also television and radio ads. And as you have seen inrepparttar 129473 previous chapter, there are a lot of free and paid ads available for you inrepparttar 129474 Internet.


Written by ARTHUR ZULU


By Arthur Zulu

Now you know you must introduce yourself -- your work. This isrepparttar first point in your outline.

But introducing yourself in creative writing, isn’trepparttar 129447 same as announcing your arrival at a cock- tail or dinner party. You don’t have to give yourself away –- name, status and all; just like that!

In story writing, you have to tantalize your reader, you have to make him keep holding on to your book, even when his house – boy suddenly walks into his study, to announcerepparttar 129448 discovery of anthrax, in his bedroom!

Making a Good Introseries of questions. Remember that these questions should point torepparttar 129449 subject or topic of your work. And remember also that inrepparttar 129450 course of your writing, you will need to answer these questions.

Fifth. You may begin with a quotation. The quotation must relate to, or support your work; and help your reader to visualize what follows. Do you have a book of quotations?

Sixth. You may introduce a problem that is connected to your writing. Let your reader know that this problem needs solution. Then proceed to solverepparttar 129451 problem you have created with your story.

Seventh: Flashback. Some writers begin their story fromrepparttar 129452 end, calledrepparttar 129453 flashback. Others even start fromrepparttar 129454 middle. But know that your style need not be too complicated as to create a lunatic, instead of a learned, reader.

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