Written by Jack Overton

A real estate agent’s gut-wrencher: The prospect turns to hubby and says, “Isn’t this so homey and practical and just what we were looking for. Now, let’s go down and look atrepparttar basement.” They openrepparttar 135569 basement door and getrepparttar 135570 feeling that Noah must have been running an all-nighter down there!

“What did you sayrepparttar 135571 asking price is? Hmmm, well we have a friend cross-state who just had their basement waterproofed and dried out and it cost them over fifteen grand, so we’ll just lower our offer by that much for openers so we can fixrepparttar 135572 basement.”

Well, with a little forethought and action,repparttar 135573 sellers could probably solve that dam(p) problem for about 2 to 3 thousand andrepparttar 135574 new dry basement may very well becomerepparttar 135575 final clinching selling point!

Where Are All the Good Contractors!!

Written by Celise Bealer

Have you ever had a bad experience with a contractor (ex. painter, roofer, plumber, landscaper, carpenter etc.)? Did problems such as these occur: contractor showing up late or not at all; poor workmanship and work ethics; missed deadlines? Have you landed in court because of a bad contractor?

I can relate. Although finding a reliable and punctual contractor who takes pride in his or her work often seems impossible, contractors possessing these characteristics do exist. The key is knowing how and where to find them.

Here are a few easy ways (outside of usingrepparttar yellow pages) to find contractors who will make you want to smile atrepparttar 135521 completion ofrepparttar 135522 job, instead of cry:

·Ask family members, friends and associates for referrals of contractors who have worked for them. People close to you are usually more than happy to give yourepparttar 135523 name of someone who did excellent work for them.

·Visit your local home improvement center. Employees and customer service representatives (CSRs) may be able to refer quality contractors to you. Contractors patronize these centers regularly and sometimes leave business cards withrepparttar 135524 CSRs.

·Attend local home and garden shows. These shows are packed with home improvement professionals who are eager to explain and demonstraterepparttar 135525 type of services they provide. Visitrepparttar 135526 various vendor tables/booths. Retrieve information provided byrepparttar 135527 professionals and use this opportunity to ask any questions you may have concerning your next project and your search for a contractor.

·If your city or town has a real estate association, attend one ofrepparttar 135528 regular meetings. The real estate investors, agents, brokers and others who attendrepparttar 135529 meetings can refer you to quality contractors. Some contractors are members of real estate associations.

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