Written by Linda Reeves

Like a great game of poker, knowing when to “Hold Em” and when to “Fold Em” is a great phenomenon to some of us. Our lives and loves are much like a game of poker, you start out with a full pot and slowly over timerepparttar rewards either multiply or diminish. The choice to “Hold Em” or “Fold Em” is a choice that cannot be made without analyzingrepparttar 132139 long term effects.

Granted, love is not a game of poker, but relationships, like any game of chance is a risk, if you don’t initially takerepparttar 132140 risk/chance you will have missed out on some ofrepparttar 132141 greatest feelings and experiences of your life. The course of a relationship is pretty standard to everyone; when you first meet, you experiencerepparttar 132142 euphoria andrepparttar 132143 excitement ofrepparttar 132144 unknown, moving intorepparttar 132145 friendship mode discovering this persons inner being and everything that made them who they are today. Onward we move torepparttar 132146 intimate realm of our being, sharing everything about and of ourselves. Exposing our fantasies and deepest desires leaving our hearts totally vulnerable. This exposure is not without its rewards, it draws us closer together and reveals great insight into life with this person. However, we must be acutely aware of this persons ideals and goals in life and how they relate to our own. What are you willing to compromise, forfeit or share to create a loving lasting relationship? Things to think about…….

Like a high stakes poker game, you have a lot to lose, maybe not materially, but emotionally there is a great price to pay if you loserepparttar 132147 game. Knowing how to spotrepparttar 132148 obvious and take action will protect your heart. Granted, we never want to admit or believe that someone could love us today and not want to be with us anymore tomorrow, but it happens everyday all overrepparttar 132149 world to millions of people. Keep your eyes open, are they spending less time with you, arerepparttar 132150 calls less frequent, do they seem too busy do something else allrepparttar 132151 time, haverepparttar 132152 emails stopped, spending more time with their friends than you. These are signs …..read them! There could be an explanation for their behavior, don’t jump to conclusions, takerepparttar 132153 time to talk to them, find out what they are thinking, feeling and discern if it is time to “Hold Em” or “Fold Em”. If it is time to “fold”, do it

Examining Your Own Attitudes About Age

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

A common complaint ofrepparttar mature is that, in American society, there is far too much focus on youth. We collectively spend a fortune on attempting to look younger and fightingrepparttar 132137 natural results of gravity, sun exposure, andrepparttar 132138 poisons that have seeped into our bodies through years of unhealthy eating, drinking, smoking, lack of exercise, and self-neglect.

"Getting old isrepparttar 132139 pits" we are wont to mumble as we get up slowly fromrepparttar 132140 floor, recalling how we used to spring upright without a second thought. We feel more secure in lower heels and often forgetrepparttar 132141 principles of good posture, our shoulders rounding forward into an aging stoop.

We walk past a shop window and are shocked byrepparttar 132142 figure we see: "That can't be me. It's my mother (father)!"

We can fightrepparttar 132143 biological ravages of aging only so far. Depending upon our budget, we can buy anti-aging creams, vitamins, cover-ups, special makeup, have HGH injections at a few thousand dollars a shot, or a complete makeover by an exclusive (and expensive) plastic surgeon. Some of us, despiterepparttar 132144 desire for eternal youth, settle into our senior years overweight, wrinkled, stooped over, but content.

If we have limits on what we can do to look physically young, we have an unlimited ability to think young. If we progress into maturity with a positive attitude about aging, we can make sure that we are as productive, attractive, and youthful as our bodies allow. No, we will not haverepparttar 132145 taut unlined skin of our teens and twenties, norrepparttar 132146 athletic energy we recall so fondly, but we will maintain our self-respect, our pride, and a vital sense of our own value.

How many ofrepparttar 132147 following negative attitudes have you already unconsciously adopted?

1. "Getting older means I can't be active anymore."

In a limited sense this is true. If you performed heavy labor as a youth, it is unlikely that you now want to lift hundreds of pounds throughoutrepparttar 132148 day. If you stood on your feet waiting tables or in retail, your feet and legs will warn you to cut back. However, withrepparttar 132149 additional free time you gain as children leave home and you look forward to, or move into, retirement, you haverepparttar 132150 opportunity to expand your activities which was impossible when you were over-committed to work and family needs. Daily walking will keep your joints lubricated, your cardiovascular system healthy, and your mood upbeat. Buy a pedometer and gradually increaserepparttar 132151 distance you walk. Practice good posture by walking tall as if there were a string in your head pulling you up, up, up. Check out your community for swimming classes, tennis lessons, tai chi, or yoga. All will leave you feeling younger, more vibrant, with little chance of injury. If you have long participated in vigorous physical activity, such as jogging, aerobics, softball, or racquetball - keep doing it. There is no reason to cut back on activities you enjoy until they become absolutely medically contraindicated, if ever.

2. "I get a headache when I have to read something technical or try to figure out my computer. I just don't concentrate as well as I used to."

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