Written by Douglas William Krieger


By: Douglas William Krieger To understandrepparttar appeal,repparttar 143132 absolute, mesmerizing, and intoxicating drive behind Hitler's success, one must go beyondrepparttar 143133 inequities ofrepparttar 143134 Versailles Treaty and delve intorepparttar 143135 mysterious association that Herr Hitler placed uponrepparttar 143136 Christian religion. Don't think that Adolf was way off into some cultic, overtly demonic world of fantasy and influence. True,repparttar 143137 occult most assuredly was deeply engaged in his thinking and outlook—butrepparttar 143138 use of legitimate Christian imagery was his forte. He both understoodrepparttar 143139 need to mobilizerepparttar 143140 masses andrepparttar 143141 religion that alone could sway their fidelity to his cause.

Furthermore, throughout his declarations and apparent pontifications, is a unique ability to uplift and galvanizerepparttar 143142 German people—to so highly esteem them and to generate within themrepparttar 143143 self-esteem that would produce a people whose image of whom they really were would be unalterably changed and transformed into what was enunciated by der Fuhrer. They became transfixed and transported into another state of mind and being—from despair and rejection, to an exhilarating euphoria and total acceptance. They could BE ALL THAT THEY COULD BE and then some. Here is no buffoon strutting uponrepparttar 143144 stage of German dejection and rivetingrepparttar 143145 German mind and will upon himself—no, no, no!

Here isrepparttar 143146 uniqueness of Adolf Hitler--one who could so enunciate with utter clarity whatrepparttar 143147 German soul could be in its fullness and creative genius. Neither did his spoken word proclaim his own commitment and genius--it climaxed withinrepparttar 143148 Germany he envisioned in such a rapturous expression and discovery of who they were, and what they could become, with God Almighty vindicating every breath they would take! Hitler injected into nearly every German heart a DIVINE SPARK, which morphed into an inferno of destruction and death unforeseen in human history--but its initial dissension upon its benefactors was replete with a baptism of power and light so transcendent that it captured an entire nation inrepparttar 143149 heart of Christian Europe. Its pristine message createdrepparttar 143150 IMAGE of DAS VOLK, a people who were destined byrepparttar 143151 very triumph of their corporate will to berepparttar 143152 consummation and commencement ofrepparttar 143153 Kingdom of God--DAS THOUSANDE JAHRE REICH! (The promised millennial reign--one thousand year kingdom)! But, firstly,repparttar 143154 Weimar Republic's failure was predictable. Its liberalism was far too watered down, far too immersed in its diversity and acceptance to galvanizerepparttar 143155 enthusiasm and concerted consecration of common folk, who longed for a winner, a leader, a "national champion." Democracy, gone awry, alone can produce dictatorship--de facto, or elected! Ultimately,repparttar 143156 Left (Weimar or Hollywood)--again by its very nature--simply cannot SUSTAINrepparttar 143157 caliber of commitment and vision that can be produced by absolutism and rigid conservatism to which we allude here. Today,repparttar 143158 striking similarities, which you shall observe, ofrepparttar 143159 Christian Right in America, assisted by its current allies amongrepparttar 143160 so--called neocons (i.e., neoconservatives--pragmatic politicos), have forged a formidable alliance of convenience that wholly supportsrepparttar 143161 rise ofrepparttar 143162 New American World Order System. Its striking resemblance to Hitler's appeals is frightful! Liberalism may rant and rave about societal freedoms and renounce governmental restrictions--but their voices and challenges are hollow sounding and even adjudged fallacious, whenrepparttar 143163 triumph of his armies have so prevailed uponrepparttar 143164 Plains of Shinar! Libertarians and Constitutionalists--you do well to listen to this diatribe.


The tone and substance coming fromrepparttar 143165 mouth of Herr Hitler, althoughrepparttar 143166 context is, of course, unique to European Christianity, is eerily compatible to what we are increasingly hearing today from certain political leaders withinrepparttar 143167 American New World Order System. What you are about to read will shock many of you--will utterly cause you to have a spiritual seizure; a revulsion akin to a full-blown, stomach-bending, vomit--but you must come to terms with why this is happening and how religion--the Christian religion--isrepparttar 143168 most powerful tool that can be utilized in order to capturerepparttar 143169 "believing" masses and to promote, through "moral covering" and political dedication, an agenda that resounds withinrepparttar 143170 heart ofrepparttar 143171 common man withinrepparttar 143172 Western context. Hitler, like today's champions of Americana, knew thatrepparttar 143173 "believing masses" had been beaten down, had suffered their World War (Viet Nam), had their beloved Germany (America) battered about with moral decline and "radical secularism" that causedrepparttar 143174 "moral fiber" ofrepparttar 143175 nation to collapse—something had (has) to be done--someone with guts and glory had (has) to arise to capturerepparttar 143176 imagination ofrepparttar 143177 nation to rise from its depravity and crimes, from its vulnerability (be it from "them socialists" or "terrorists"), from its self--inflicted and debilitating social ills . . . someone is needed to alter our self-perceptions!

The problem was created byrepparttar 143178 Devil himself--The Cabaret Society ofrepparttar 143179 Weimar Republic (They never represented true Germany!). "We'd been maligned by every creeping thing imaginable upon our streets: Socialists, Communists, radical Unionists, Jews, Secularists, Liberal Theologians, Homosexuals, Raunchy Entertainment, ad nausea--and this upon our wretched economic woes and that ‘Paper from Hell’ (i.e.,repparttar 143180 Versailles Treaty)."

Now--the Devil would providerepparttar 143181 solution torepparttar 143182 aforementioned problem. He would providerepparttar 143183 solution through a man, a party, that would reach down torepparttar 143184 common man and pull upon his heart strings--upon that which is made to respond torepparttar 143185 highest ideals of man: His religious conscience would berepparttar 143186 springboard to launch a fully consecrated and absolutely committed people, sold out torepparttar 143187 one who could so uplift and empower them. Thence, this resolution to Germany's defeat must be ensconced withinrepparttar 143188 language of power and persuasion--it must carryrepparttar 143189 fervor ofrepparttar 143190 EVANGELIST,repparttar 143191 power ofrepparttar 143192 PROPHET,repparttar 143193 message ofrepparttar 143194 APOSTLE! Yes, convoluted--but done with such passionate skill, thatrepparttar 143195 unwitting and desperate would believerepparttar 143196 LIE. Indeed, a true LIE is so close to reality that its frightening resemblance obscures all semblance torepparttar 143197 truth!

Ultimately, a lie told long enough, and amplified torepparttar 143198 uttermost, resounds with familiarity--YE SHALL BE AS GODS, KNOWING GOOD AND EVIL! This original deceit confounded our original forebears. This is no ordinary lie--it is THE LIE. Godhood,repparttar 143199 ultimate UBERMENSCH, isrepparttar 143200 final destiny ofrepparttar 143201 German race--of Hitler's "Religion." But first,repparttar 143202 people must be prepared, until they realize their supreme destination and status as DAS VOLK! HITLER--I CAN'T BELIEVE HE SAID IT! (Hitler/Nazi Comments in BOLD)

"We demand liberty for all religious denominations inrepparttar 143203 State, so far as they are not a danger to it and do not militate againstrepparttar 143204 morality and moral sense ofrepparttar 143205 German race. The Party, as such, stands for positive Christianity, but does not bind itself inrepparttar 143206 matter of creed to any particular confession." (Item #24 ofrepparttar 143207 German Worker's Party "Programme" cir. 1920s)

Your Government at Work: Gitmo Torture and Beyond

Written by Scott C. Smith

The American Civil Liberties Union has undertakenrepparttar task of obtaining declassified documentation of prisoner abuse in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (Gitmo).

The documents were obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request (the FOIA is a federal law that allowsrepparttar 143131 public access to documents and other information fromrepparttar 143132 federal government) on Oct. 7, 2003, andrepparttar 143133 ACLU has been releasingrepparttar 143134 documents torepparttar 143135 public as they’ve received them. The collection of documents contains 35,000 pages of information.

The documents paint a picture of prisoner abuse that goes way beyondrepparttar 143136 “isolated” incidents at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. In fact, what we find are instead widespread allegations of abuse. Of course, George W. Bush’s defenders like to pretend that even if there was prisoner abuse, it wasn’t that bad (Rush Limbaugh famously likenedrepparttar 143137 abuse at Abu Ghraib to a fraternity hazing. You know,repparttar 143138 hazing that involves stripping someone naked, or withholding food for hours, orrepparttar 143139 use of attack dogs to terrifyrepparttar 143140 young pledge, or sodomizing that pledge with a glow-stick. Those fraternity rituals. Oh, and raping ofrepparttar 143141 fraternity pledge. Those wacky college kids!), why…look at all of those mass graves in Iraq! Saddam Hussein was much worse! Which, while true, doesn’t changerepparttar 143142 fact that, as of September 30, 2004,repparttar 143143 Pentagon had investigated 187 allegations of prisoner abuse. Apparently,repparttar 143144 right wing’s definition ofrepparttar 143145 word “isolated” is a bit different thanrepparttar 143146 commonly accepted use ofrepparttar 143147 word.

One ofrepparttar 143148 FBI memos obtained byrepparttar 143149 ACLU discussrepparttar 143150 alleged impersonation of FBI agents by Department of Defense interrogators. It is dated December 5, 2003 (some ofrepparttar 143151 FBI abbreviations used: “EC” is “Electronic Communication”; “CTD” is “Counterterrorism Division; “MLDU” is “Military Liaison and Detainee Unit”; “CITF” is “Criminal Investigation Task Force) and states:

"I am forwarding this EC uprepparttar 143152 CTD chain of command. MLDU requested this information be documented to protectrepparttar 143153 FBI. MLDU has a long standing and documented position against use of some of DOD's interrogation practices, however we were not aware of these latest techniques until recently...of concern, DOD interrogators impersonating Supervisory Special Agents ofrepparttar 143154 FBI told a detainee (blacked out)...these tactics have produced no intelligence of a threat neutralizing nature to date at CITF believes that techniques have destroyed any chance of prosecuting this detainee. If this detainee is ever released or his story made public in any way, DOD interrogators will not be held accountable because these torture techniques were done (by)repparttar 143155 "FBI" interrogators. The FBI will (be) left holdingrepparttar 143156 bag beforerepparttar 143157 public."

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