Written by Doug Krieger

HITLER’S POSITIVE CHRISTIANITY… Unleashingrepparttar Patriotic Church By Douglas William Krieger     NEVER IN AMERICA?   This article was written by one of German ancestry whose forebears on his mother’s side can be traced to Martin Luther himself; thence,repparttar 146726 incessant interest inrepparttar 146727 rise of Adolf Hitler and, in particular (through years of research)repparttar 146728 under girding support he derived in his ascendancy fromrepparttar 146729 Christian religion inrepparttar 146730 heart of Europe.  How could this possibly happen?  Alas!  Could we in America be as deceitfully predisposed to such a malevolent curse—driven byrepparttar 146731 same demons? Do we today witness camouflaged strategies designed to accomplish a greater horror of unimaginable consequence and upon Christendom of like vulnerability?    The remotest thought of such an evil plot akin to what seducedrepparttar 146732 German people could somehow be foisted upon our beloved America bogglesrepparttar 146733 senses . . . yet, each day, each month,repparttar 146734 same cultural polarization eerily divides;repparttar 146735 similitude of its military-industrial complex mirrors that of Rome’s expansions; its cries for greater and more restrictive security for its citizenry clamors; its tenuous economic factors now threateningrepparttar 146736 globalism it created as a result ofrepparttar 146737 insatiable consumption of all things luxurious persist—all this while withinrepparttar 146738 walls of our crystal city,repparttar 146739 party is oblivious torepparttar 146740 multitude ofrepparttar 146741 wretched outside who admire and distain its opulence.  Are there comparisons?  Be not quick in your rejection that alleged “systems” now in place—with histories of wide disparity—insure Americans absolute relief fromrepparttar 146742 extremities of Nazi Germany . . . look again, look carefully, very carefully . . . history’s mercurial habit at repetition seeks to warn us all . . . “broad isrepparttar 146743 way that leadeth to destruction and many there be that go in thereat.”       THE INTOXICATING APPEAL   To understandrepparttar 146744 appeal,repparttar 146745 absolute, mesmerizing, and intoxicating drive behind Hitler's success, one must go beyondrepparttar 146746 inequities ofrepparttar 146747 Versailles Treaty and delve intorepparttar 146748 mysterious association that Herr Hitler placed uponrepparttar 146749 Christian religion. Don't think that Adolf was way off into some cultic, overtly demonic world of fantasy and influence. True,repparttar 146750 occult most assuredly was deeply engaged in his thinking and outlook—butrepparttar 146751 use of legitimate Christian imagery was his forte. He both understoodrepparttar 146752 need to mobilizerepparttar 146753 masses andrepparttar 146754 religion that alone could sway their fidelity to his cause.   Furthermore, throughout his declarations and apparent pontifications, is a unique ability to uplift and galvanizerepparttar 146755 German people—to so highly esteem them, and to generate within themrepparttar 146756 self-esteem that would produce a people whose image reflectedrepparttar 146757 one who had so unalterably changed and transformed them intorepparttar 146758 awesome enunciation of der Fuhrer himself. They became transfixed and transported into another state of mind and being—from despair and rejection, to an exhilarating euphoria and total acceptance. They could BE ALL THAT THEY COULD BE and then some. Here is no buffoon strutting uponrepparttar 146759 stage of German dejection cavalierly rivetingrepparttar 146760 German mind and will upon himself—no, no, no!   Here isrepparttar 146761 uniqueness of Adolf Hitler—one who could so verbalize with utter clarity whatrepparttar 146762 German soul could be in its fullness and creative genius. Neither did his spoken word proclaim his own commitment and genius—it climaxed withinrepparttar 146763 Germany he envisioned in such a rapturous expression and discovery of who they were, and what they could become, with God Almighty vindicating every breath they would take! Hitler injected into nearly every German heart a DIVINE SPARK, which regrettably morphed into an inferno of destruction and death unforeseen in human history—but its initial dissension upon its benefactors was replete with a baptism of power and light utterly transcendent that it captured an entire nation inrepparttar 146764 heart of Christian Europe. Its pristine message createdrepparttar 146765 IMAGE of DAS VOLK, a people who were destined byrepparttar 146766 very triumph of their corporate will to berepparttar 146767 consummation and commencement ofrepparttar 146768 Kingdom of God—DAS THOUSANDE JAHRE REICH! (The promised millennial reign—one thousand year kingdom)!   But, firstly,repparttar 146769 Weimar Republic's failure was predictable. Its liberalism was far too watered down, far too immersed in its diversity and acceptance to galvanizerepparttar 146770 enthusiasm and concerted consecration of common folk, who longed for a winner, a leader, a "national champion." Democracy, gone awry, alone can produce dictatorship—de facto, or elected! Ultimately,repparttar 146771 Left (Weimar or Hollywood)—again by its very nature—simply cannot SUSTAINrepparttar 146772 caliber of commitment and vision that can be produced by absolutism and rigid conservatism to which we allude here.   Today a growing number of truly evangelical faithful observerepparttar 146773 Christian Right in America, assisted by its current allies amongrepparttar 146774 so-called neocons (i.e., neoconservatives—pragmatic politicos), forging a formidable alliance of convenience that wholly supportsrepparttar 146775 rise ofrepparttar 146776 New American World Order System. Its striking resemblance to Hitler's appeals is frightful! Liberalism may rant and rave about societal freedoms and renounce governmental restrictions—but their voices and challenges are hollow sounding and even adjudged fallacious, whenrepparttar 146777 triumph of his armies have so prevailed uponrepparttar 146778 Plains of Shinar! Libertarians and Constitutionalists—you do well to listen to this diatribe.   ADOLF HITLER—THE GERMAN SOLUTION IS A CHRISTIAN ONE   The tone and substance coming fromrepparttar 146779 mouth of Herr Hitler, althoughrepparttar 146780 context is, of course, unique to European Christianity, is eerily compatible to what we are increasingly hearing today from certain political leaders withinrepparttar 146781 American New World Order System. What you are about to read will shock many of you—will utterly cause you to have a spiritual seizure; a revulsion akin to a full-blown, stomach-bending, vomit—but you must come to terms with why this is happening and how religion—the Christian religion—isrepparttar 146782 most powerful tool that can be utilized in order to capturerepparttar 146783 "believing" masses and to promote, through "moral covering" and political dedication, an agenda that resounds withinrepparttar 146784 heart ofrepparttar 146785 common man inrepparttar 146786 context of Western Civilization.   Hitler, like today's champions of Americana, knew thatrepparttar 146787 "believing masses" had been beaten down; had suffered their World War (Viet Nam), had their beloved Germany (America) battered about with moral decline and "radical secularism" that causedrepparttar 146788 "moral fiber" ofrepparttar 146789 nation to collapse—something had (has) to be done—someone with guts and glory had (has) to arise to capturerepparttar 146790 imagination ofrepparttar 146791 nation to arise from its depravity and crimes, from its vulnerability (be it from "them socialists" or "terrorists"), from its self-inflicted and debilitating social ills . . . someone is needed to alter our self-perceptions!

The Nature of Christian Deception - From Recognizing Deception and Apostasy

Written by Dene McGriff

The Nature of Christian Deception

Inrepparttar last chapter ofrepparttar 146631 Book of Daniel, it says twice thatrepparttar 146632 words ofrepparttar 146633 prophecy should be “sealed up and concealed untilrepparttar 146634 end ofrepparttar 146635 age.” Christians have been trying their best to determinerepparttar 146636 meaning ofrepparttar 146637 prophetic books ofrepparttar 146638 Bible but it will only be revealed torepparttar 146639 generation with a “need to know.” Christian writers tried to interpret prophecy in terms of their historical, political and social context. It is easy to see how things could get off.

The biggest source of deception, in my opinion, comes from confusion relating to dispensationalism, a doctrine which started inrepparttar 146640 19th century. It started as a vision thatrepparttar 146641 church would experience a “secret rapture” prior torepparttar 146642 tribulation. Once theologians believed thatrepparttar 146643 church was gone, they came up with a theory thatrepparttar 146644 church age (or dispensation) ended withrepparttar 146645 rapture and that God’s attention turned back to Israel. Today, fundamental Christianity is so steeped in this tradition that they can’t see beyond it. What started as a little doctrine has grown to be a huge system of doctrine with one error compounding upon another. This is called systematized error.

This is a huge subject for another book but suffice it to say at this point thatrepparttar 146646 question is not so muchrepparttar 146647 timing ofrepparttar 146648 rapture, butrepparttar 146649 importance ofrepparttar 146650 church and Israel to be present asrepparttar 146651 “Two Witnesses” of Revelation 11 –repparttar 146652 two olive trees andrepparttar 146653 two lampstands. The failure of Christians to seerepparttar 146654 Church in every chapter ofrepparttar 146655 book of Revelations has blinded them torepparttar 146656 essential role both groups have.

If Christians assumerepparttar 146657 church will not be here duringrepparttar 146658 Tribulation period, they will missrepparttar 146659 signs. In working on an up coming book, we have read and rereadrepparttar 146660 great theologians ofrepparttar 146661 past – Ironsides, Pentecost, Barnhouse and many others torepparttar 146662 present such as Ryrie, Walvoord, Steadman, etc. The blindness of these men caused by one false assumption has led torepparttar 146663 failure of an entire generation to grasprepparttar 146664 significance ofrepparttar 146665 last days torepparttar 146666 church and an escapism worthy ofrepparttar 146667 Laodicean Church.

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