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10 Steps to Better Sales Copy

Written by Brandie Kin

10 Steps To Better Sales Copy

You've worked so hard getting that much elusive traffic to your site. You've taken out a few ezine ads that have returned a good number of clickthroughs, you're getting some traffic fromrepparttar major search engines, and still you wonder why your cash register isn't jumping. You know you've got a good product or service. What'srepparttar 127212 problem?

Well it might berepparttar 127213 sales copy on your web site.

Far too often I seerepparttar 127214 same mistakes on web site after web site. Let's take a look at 10 points of writing good copy and see how many of these you have incorporated into your own site copy.

1) ATTENTION: You MUST grabrepparttar 127215 visitors attention immediately with your headline. You've got about 2 seconds to get their interest or they are gone. How many web sites have you seen that start out with a phrase such as "Thank you for visiting my web site. Here you will find some great products" BLAH BLAH BLAH. Bye bye visitor.

The headline of your site must pullrepparttar 127216 visitor in, make them want to learn more. I'm not going to give you sample headlines as that is notrepparttar 127217 purpose of this article, but if you don't have a killer headline,repparttar 127218 rest becomes somewhat irrelevant.

2) INTEREST: Once you've managed to convincerepparttar 127219 always skeptical visitor that they need to keep reading with your great headline, you need to start building overall interest in your product or service, how willrepparttar 127220 potential customer benefit from your product or service. Never EVER start talking about yourself, you must focus onrepparttar 127221 benefits your product can provide torepparttar 127222 visitor.

3) BUILDUP and CREDIBILITY: So far so good, you haven't lost them yet. Now comesrepparttar 127223 tough part. Up to this point you've lured them in with some great writing, but now you have to start backing up your claims. This is where you need to throw in some testimonials. Any testimonial you use must be 100% authentic.

4) PROVE YOUR CREDIBILITY: I recommend you always userepparttar 127224 person's real name, city and state inrepparttar 127225 testimonial.

Testimonials that simply use someone's initials are always looked at with a skeptical eye, and you know why, no one really knows whether they are real or bogus. Askrepparttar 127226 person givingrepparttar 127227 testimonial if it is OK to use one of their real email addresses inrepparttar 127228 testimonial. This way people know they can contact this person to verifyrepparttar 127229 authenticity ofrepparttar 127230 testimonial. I have given a number of testimonials throughrepparttar 127231 years and always allow my email address to be used. I have also received a number of inquiries from people wanting to verify if my testimonial was real. It was, and a few of them also became MY customers.

5) BELIEVABILITY BUILDERS: Make certain at this point you offer a no hassle guarantee. A Strong guarantee does not increase refunds, it reduces them. Makerepparttar 127232 potential customer know that you stand 100% behind what you sell and if they have a problem or are dissatisfied in any way, you are there to help them.

Don't make them have to hunt around for email addresses or phone numbers. A simple, "if you ever have any problems you can just pick uprepparttar 127233 phone and call me at 555-555-1212"

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