Written by Jackie Rouse


America is preoccupied withrepparttar subject of weight – more specifically about too much of it being attached to our bodies due torepparttar 140889 over-consumption of food, and too little exercise and rightfully so. Too many of us are saturated fat-eating, overweight, sedentary creatures, statistically speaking that is. This article however is not about obesity orrepparttar 140890 joys of exercise, this is by no means that profound. This is for those of us who know we are overweight, don’t exercise and disinclined to do anything about it, translation, we’re lazy. Summer is coming,repparttar 140891 beach will beckon and we will oblige, exposing much flesh. So now isrepparttar 140892 time to get serious about exercise, and here arerepparttar 140893 facts. “All exercise burns calories for they involve movement and energy is required for every movement. The calorie burning ability of each exercise depends onrepparttar 140894 speed and/or force at whichrepparttar 140895 exercise is performed. This provesrepparttar 140896 calorie burning potential of an exercise can be increased depending on an individual’s motivation for that movement. Imagine you want to run to get to a shop before it closes. The desire to run fast will be low becauserepparttar 140897 importance is low, after all if you don’t makerepparttar 140898 shop in time you can always go another day. Asrepparttar 140899 importance is lowerrepparttar 140900 calorie count will be far less compared to a sprint needed to escape a dangerous situation. The reason for this is simple, there is now a great desire to run fast in order to survive. An intense effort producedrepparttar 140901 desired effect – faster leg movements, all down torepparttar 140902 motivational level ofrepparttar 140903 individual.” You got that right? Now for my exercise regiment, but before I begin, I must inform you that due torepparttar 140904 frequent absence of motivationrepparttar 140905 plan has been thwarted on more occasions than I care to mention, however this week is looking pretty good. On Mondays if I am feeling especially spunky I will leave my car at a nearby shopping center and walk, about ½ mile to and from my commuting point, clever huh. On Tuesdays I stop atrepparttar 140906 recreation center on my way home, which is free to county residents, and use their universal gym. (I couldn’t afford a real gym’s membership if I wanted to and I don’t want to.) After about 40 minutes or so I feelrepparttar 140907 urgency to leave – haven’t quite figured out why that happens, but I go with it. On Wednesdays I usually feelrepparttar 140908 need for a break. However, I do at least walk uprepparttar 140909 50 moving steps to exitrepparttar 140910 metro station, that’s something – work with me people.


Written by B. Blitterlees & E. Craboon

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CALENDAR OF ODD EVENTS -- Eccentric events and odd occasions to celebrate in June 2005 –

If June is “bust’n out all over”, you’re probably a green-thumb type, a frisky cowpoke, or perhaps just a “Hot Foot powder” aficionado.

Onrepparttar other hand, maybe you’re one of those testy technical types who are rather relieved to know that we’re half way throughrepparttar 140578 Gregorian calendar.

Besides celebrating “Clean Air” day (time to let those soiled socks in one’s bottom drawer seerepparttar 140579 light of day), it’s also time to honor fathers everywhere by giving them a token of your appreciation …a frigging flyswatter!

So without further adieu, before bidding a fond farewell, and oodles of glad-handing good-byes…perhaps take a glance at one’s in store forrepparttar 140580 jolly month of June.

June 1 – CLEAN AIR APPRECIATION DAY (Time to honor those with a compelling need to air their dirty linen in public or engage in a natural urge to break wind in elevators).

June 2 – NO IMPROVEMENT NECESSARY DAY (For all those “I’m all right Jack/Jill” people you know who are fine and dandy justrepparttar 140581 way they are thank you!)

June 3 – PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD DAY (Vanquishing one’s veggies, eating giggling Jell-O with a fork and mashed mayhem never looked like so much fun!)

June 4 – GEMINI APPRECIATION DAY (Time to honor all those heavenly twins you know who are also restless, impractical, gossipy, nervous and a tad capricious or fickle).

June 5 – SUCCESS OBJECT RECOGNITION DAY (Time to flaunt whatever makes you feel like a King or Queen including your newly renovated throne room if you wish).

June 6 – NATIONAL KICK-THE-CAN DAY (Whenrepparttar 140582 going gets tough, it’s nice to know one can harrumph, utter a hearty grunt, or kickrepparttar 140583 daylights out of a trash can).

June 7 – INTERNATIONAL BELLY-DANCING DAY (It’s never too late to flaunt your flab, wag your tail and dorepparttar 140584 hoochy-koochy ‘cause that’s what life’s all about!)

June 8 – SANDBOX APPRECIATION DAY (Time to whip outrepparttar 140585 shovels, pails, beach balls and water balloons; play fair …no pulling hair and no tattle-tales please!)

June 9 – JUG BAND DAY (For all those folks who can’t hold a tune but can play a kazoo, a pennywhistle, and drum on pots…now who says that aint’ music!)

June 10 – NATIONAL TOOTH FAIRY APPRECIATION DAY (In honor ofrepparttar 140586 Goddess-of-Grin-&-Bear-It and those who yank chompers all day long for a living).

June 11 – FINGERNAIL FASHION DAY (Time to decorate those delightful digits with clashing colors, stylish sparkle, or perhaps even super-size them for a change!)

June 12 – NOT-YOUR-AVERAGE-ART DAY (A fine way to honorrepparttar 140587 messy munchkin inside you with plenty of papier-mâché, finger-paints, or oodles of play-doh!)

June 13 – TEFLON SUIT APPRECIATION DAY (In honor of those who manage to survive by letting all manner of things slide off their backs and onto someone else’s!)

June 14 – NAUGHTY T-SHIRT DAY (A way to pacifyrepparttar 140588 politically-incorrect people in your life who have a bad habit of buying novelty t-shirts with raunchy, ribald retorts).

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