Written by Marie Williams

DON'T SELL OUT! So many ezines are basically just one big "buy me" ad - content and care over presentation a mere afterthought. You probably knowrepparttar type I mean. And, if you've any sense, you'll stick these "sales brochures" right where they belong - inrepparttar 124397 recycle bin.

BE A SELL-OUT! If you hope to make any money out of your publication, or if you're looking to increase its profitability, you'll need to followrepparttar 124398 best B's in selling:

1) BONDING. Who are your subscribers? Who is your ezine aimed at? If your ezine's a teen-zine, you will need to knowrepparttar 124399 latest *in* words and expressions. If your ezine is for newbies, you'll need to offer simple and clear explanations. And, if you're aiming atrepparttar 124400 business market, your ezine should have a pristine presentation whilerepparttar 124401 content will need to be both professional and torepparttar 124402 point. You have to *know* your potential customer - before you try and sell.

2) BASICS. Keep your ezine simple. Stick to plain text. Yes, you can create an ezine with a variety of fonts, graphics, and formatting options, but why bother when roughly 50% of all email users only have access to plain text compatible email clients? And instead of your nicely centred and bright red heading is an unintelligible line of code - hardly what you'd planned!

I use TextPad to write my ezine. It's a great little piece of shareware software. You can download it here: http://www.textpad.com/ . You need to configurerepparttar 124403 word-wrap between 55-65 characters per line to ensure that all email clients can read your text perfectly - justrepparttar 124404 way you intended!

By keeping your ezine neat and simple, you'll ensure that your subscribers focus more onrepparttar 124405 content - and on what you have to offer.

3) BENEFITS. When your subscribers read your ezine, they are constantly thinking "What's in it for me?" I know because I think exactlyrepparttar 124406 same thing. You must ensure that your ezine answers this question from start to finish.

Don't be self-centred, be customer-centred. If you constantly drone on about yourself, chances are that you'll bore half of your subscribers and haverepparttar 124407 other half clicking onrepparttar 124408 unsubscribe link. You need to focus on exactly what your subscribers want.

Top 7 Brick 'n Mortar Newsletter Rules

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

1) YOU'RE IN IT FOR THE MONEY. Keep your newsletter aligned with your business. Always work products intorepparttar articles and information discreetly, but distinctly. Don't push it torepparttar 124396 point of useless sales-packed information. Remember that most of your subscribers are with you forrepparttar 124397 information, notrepparttar 124398 product.

2) KEEP YOUR ARTICLES FOCUSED onrepparttar 124399 readers' interests andrepparttar 124400 information you give them useful. People are interested in finding information that will be useful, profitable, or interesting to read. Stay focused and flexible, meaning don't try to serve up everything to everybody.

3) BE INFORMAL AND RELAXED. Although newsletters often tend to reflect a more serious tone of their area of commerce, your newsletter should still have warmth, life andrepparttar 124401 feel of a human voice. A newsletter is like a personal voice in a community. A good newsletter gets a following, but a great newsletter builds a family. Because of this fact, subscribers are more likely to go with your product than a company outside their family of contacts.

4) WRITE TO EXPRESS NOT TO IMPRESS. Don't use technical terms relating to your business or any other. You may understand and use them everyday, but depend on fact that some of your readers will not. Use easy to understand words. Explain what technical terms you must cite. Always strive to communicate clearly.

5) VARY THE CONTENT NOT THE FORMAT. Use such things as a column or some other idea that invitesrepparttar 124402 readers' comments or ideas. Whether it is offering different types of articles or offering new and different information, you must changerepparttar 124403 content of your newsletter to maintainrepparttar 124404 interest ofrepparttar 124405 reader. However, changing content does not mean changing format. Don't get intorepparttar 124406 habit of changingrepparttar 124407 format of your newsletter. Create and Maintain format guidelines. Readers get accustomed to seeingrepparttar 124408 newsletter in a certain format. Changing this format will too often confuse and annoy your readers.

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