H20 + Wine + Adrenaline = Futa Spine Tingler

Written by Robert LaGrone

H20 + Wine + Adrenaline = Futa Spine Tingler

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Epic Rio Futaleufu

I was very lucky. The grey Patagonian sky began to clear soon afterrepparttar other guests had left Puerto Montt airport in a van. They would have a scenic but tiring three-hour drive to our riverside hideaway. Harvey King,repparttar 140526 trip leader, informedrepparttar 140527 few of us remaining that we would actually get there first. Hearingrepparttar 140528 good news, we picked up our bags as, outsiderepparttar 140529 terminal, twin propellers started turning.

Fly In & Walk Home

“Chile lies atrepparttar 140530 end of all roads,” writes Isabel Allende in her lovely memoir, My Invented Country. “No one passes by casually, however lost he may be.” Why were we northerners traveling to this most southerly of nations? If you’re a whitewater enthusiast, you’ve no doubt heardrepparttar 140531 Mapuche Indian word “Futaleufu” (pronounced fu-ta-le-FOO). It means Big River.

Into The Andes

The flight throughrepparttar 140532 Chilean Andes reminded me ofrepparttar 140533 Pacific Northwest. The two landscapes are shaped byrepparttar 140534 same volcanic, tectonic, and oceanic forces. When I say “through”repparttar 140535 Andes , I mean it: for half an hour we craned our necks as rocky peaks loomed above us on either side. Then we looked down asrepparttar 140536 plane dropped into a placid valley, and besiderepparttar 140537 sparkling Futaleufu was our destination,repparttar 140538 lodge at Antucamay. As we ambled uprepparttar 140539 gravel road fromrepparttar 140540 airstrip, a guest named Michael remarked, “You’ve got to love a place where you fly in and walk home.”

Antucamay, another Mapuche word, means “God’s Creation.” H2O Patagonia createdrepparttar 140541 central “quincho” in traditional style, with a roughly circular main room built around a large fireplace. Outside is a wooden patio with a hot tub. A second building contains bathrooms and showers, and a third is dedicated to massages. Closer torepparttar 140542 water are comfortable sleeping cabins. Even if you’re not tuckered out from a day of rafting, riding, or hiking,repparttar 140543 sound ofrepparttar 140544 river will lull you quickly to sleep.

Inrepparttar 140545 Southern Hemisphere familiar things that you’ve seen all your life are turned upside-down and are suddenly new. The sun curves differently acrossrepparttar 140546 sky. The stars are shifted, and you seerepparttar 140547 Southern Cross instead ofrepparttar 140548 Big Dipper. It takes at least a day’s flying to get down here, but in that one day you’ve gone from winter to summer — and it’s time to get inrepparttar 140549 water.

Pillow Fight

It couldn’t happen in a dangerous-sounding rapid like Chaos, Puma, or Condor. It had to happen at Pillow Rock. This innocently named Class IV rapid was actuallyrepparttar 140550 most challenging of our first day. The river flows around a huge boulder, with enough ofrepparttar 140551 current pouring over it to form a “pillow” of water on top. I sharedrepparttar 140552 bow ofrepparttar 140553 raft with Bob, an experienced paddler. Our guide Stan saidrepparttar 140554 goal was to slide aroundrepparttar 140555 pour-over, hitrepparttar 140556 hole belowrepparttar 140557 rock as squarely as possible, and battle our way out. When we hit,repparttar 140558 raft lurched violently left and dump-trucked us right intorepparttar 140559 river. It was a good learning experience on this training day, but it felt embarrassing to be beaten by a pillow.

Martial Arts Webmasters: Time to Optimize your site!

Written by Eric Gehler

A few months ago I was looking throughrepparttar search engines to see if my website www.aimusainc.com was even found for certain keywords. Well it wasn’t. I knew something needed to be done, because I was losing potential customers to my Martial Art and Self Defense Classes. Asrepparttar 140476 Internet grows exponentially,repparttar 140477 important of a web presence is important.

After reading countless articles, spending hours optimizing every aspect of my site, I finally started to seerepparttar 140478 results. Targeted geographical keywords hit # 1 in Google. The name of my company has over 9 million references on keyword searches for that name and My url is currently number 7 out of 9 million. Not bad huh?

Well lets take a minute to discussrepparttar 140479 basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo use spider-web crawlers to seek out text content of WebPages. Spiders also follow links both internal to a site and external ofrepparttar 140480 site to gather their information. The information they gather is used and to createrepparttar 140481 information you see when you do a search in a search engine. A complex logarithm based upon textual content, keyword density, inbound and outbound links, alt text, meta tags, etc are used to determinerepparttar 140482 SERP’s (Search Engine Results).

Step one to Optimize is reviewing your Meta Tags. Meta tags tellrepparttar 140483 search engines spiders what information to report, rather thanrepparttar 140484 spider guessing. Review your meta tags for Title, Description & Keywords.

Your Title should be somewhat descriptive of you website or product, rather than jusrepparttar 140485 name ofrepparttar 140486 company. Instead of Joe’s Dojo asrepparttar 140487 title ofrepparttar 140488 site, it should be something like Joe’s Martial Arts Dojo in XYZ, USA. This title will also act as a “keyword” to match a search engine inquiry for “Martial Arts XYZ USA”.

The Meta Description should also use significant words to describe your style, geographical location, as well asrepparttar 140489 name of your website. This description also acts as “keywords” to match a search engine request.

Keywords are words that you wish your site would be referenced when someone does an Internet search engine inquiry. Your keywords should phrases that include geographical locations. Instead of Self Defense as a Keyword,repparttar 140490 phrase “Self Defense Your city” will be more effective an appropriate. People 1000’s of miles away form your location will not be taking classes at your location. Your goal is to maximize and be # 1 for your geographical area. Regardless if you have no direct local competition, search engines will create competition for you if inrepparttar 140491 real world none exist.

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