Gymnastics and Eating Disorders

Written by Murray Hughes

Gymnastics can be a high-stress and high-maintenance sport for evenrepparttar most emotionally stalwart of children. After all, gymnastics pressures its participants for physical perfection -- for flawlessness of form in gymnastics routines and, sometimes, in appearance. You should always keep an eye onrepparttar 140905 progress of your child or children. Meeting and opening up lines of communication with their coaches, speaking to their peers and their peers’ parents will help you keep watch over their physical and emotional states. Creating a network of eyes and ears like that will certainly take a load off of your mind, that’s for certain, especially if you find yourself unable to make all of your child’s meets or practices.

Emotional and Physical Distress

Emotional distress can most certainly develop as a result of peer judgment or insults and even from off-color comments made by coaches. You need to keep close watch over what happens here, because extreme emotional distress can result in more serious problems inrepparttar 140906 future, including bulimia and anorexia, two ofrepparttar 140907 most common -- and most dangerous -- eating disorders known today. We will discuss those later, however. Be sure to talk to your child about how he or she is feeling. Talking will usually bring problems out intorepparttar 140908 open, so that you can work toward correcting them and restoringrepparttar 140909 confidence that is inherent in your child. Self confidence is one ofrepparttar 140910 many keys to good health and to success in gymnastics.

Physical distress is sometimes more easily spotted than emotional distress. If your child has been injured in an event or during practice, you can usually seerepparttar 140911 bruises,repparttar 140912 scrapes, orrepparttar 140913 swelling. Sometimes, though, physical distress in a gymnast can be somewhat puzzling. If your gymnast has suddenly taken ill, feels muscle cramps or stiffness, is fatigued all ofrepparttar 140914 time, or complains of general soreness, it may be wise to check up on his or her progress withrepparttar 140915 coaches. Overexertion can definitely lead to problems--sometimes, it may even be necessary to decreaserepparttar 140916 amount of strenuous exercise until conditions improve. Inrepparttar 140917 meantime, you should make sure that their nutrition is proper -- that they are eating enough, and, certainly, that they are taking in enough fluids.

Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia nervosa is a serious eating disorder that stems both from physical and emotional distress, in most case, as a result of judgment passed by peers or coaches or by society itself. In today’s world of stick-thin models, where appearance is everything, your gymnast may be pressured to drastically and quickly reduce body size. Typically,repparttar 140918 behavior associated with bulimics is binge eating and then purging. In other words, they may take in thousands of calories of fatty food, only to vomit it back up again; allrepparttar 140919 while, they may also use laxatives. This will eat away atrepparttar 140920 enamel ofrepparttar 140921 teeth, causingrepparttar 140922 gums to recede (eventually, all ofrepparttar 140923 teeth may need to be removed), and also causerepparttar 140924 salivary glands to swell. The laxatives eventually cause rectal bleeding. A person who has this disorder may retreat torepparttar 140925 bathroom for long periods of time or keep large stashes of high-calorie food aroundrepparttar 140926 house.

Carly Patterson: What Makes A Champion?

Written by Murray Hughes

If you have been following gymnastics for any length of time, odds are you have heard of a particular gymnast byrepparttar name of Carly Patterson. You probably also know that she is one ofrepparttar 140904 youngest female Olympic gymnasts ever - and that she has stunnedrepparttar 140905 world of late with her astounding abilities. In 2004, she becamerepparttar 140906 first all-around Olympic champion forrepparttar 140907 United States in more than two decades, and was alsorepparttar 140908 first to win forrepparttar 140909 US inrepparttar 140910 past two games, an amazing feat indeed, considering these past Olympic games were fully attended! The last female all-around gymnastics champion forrepparttar 140911 United States won in 1984, whenrepparttar 140912 Soviet Union had boycottedrepparttar 140913 Olympics entirely.

Carly was born on Februaryrepparttar 140914 fourth, 1988, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to a pair of loving parents - her mother, Natalie, and her father, Ricky. She isrepparttar 140915 first of a pair of girls (her younger sister is Jordan). Currently, she lives with her mother, her sister, and her pets in Allen, Texas. A straight-A student, she is almost a normal teenager when it comes to taste in music, boys, and shopping. However, one thing sets her apart fromrepparttar 140916 rest ofrepparttar 140917 crowd, even beyond her academics: she spends more than thirty hours a week training in her Texas academy. Of course, she could not have gotten to where she is currently without help. This logically leads torepparttar 140918 question -- what makes a champion?

Carly started early on with her gymnastics career. In 1994, she began taking classes after attending a friend’s birthday party at Gymnastics Elite, a gym facility in Baton Rouge, and meetingrepparttar 140919 head coach there. After five years of training, what began as a sport became a true career: she won her first state title in 1999 for Louisiana.

Then, she and her family moved to Texas, which gave herrepparttar 140920 chance to train at some ofrepparttar 140921 best gymnastics gyms inrepparttar 140922 United States. She worked with Evgeny Marchenko and his team atrepparttar 140923 World Olympic Gymnastics Academy in Plano, Texas, and within a year completedrepparttar 140924 Top Gym Tournament in Belgium in second place, takingrepparttar 140925 bronze medal inrepparttar 140926 beam event, and wonrepparttar 140927 all-around gold atrepparttar 140928 American Team Cup. Thus began her rise to super-stardom inrepparttar 140929 world of gymnastics. She took dozens of titles, national and international, competing acrossrepparttar 140930 globe. Then, of course, she competed inrepparttar 140931 2004 Olympics…andrepparttar 140932 rest, as they say, is history.

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