Guys Fear Commitment? Maybe it's You!

Written by Terry Hernon MacDonald

In a recent episode of my favorite TV show, two ofrepparttar characters ended up in bed together. Afterwards,repparttar 149558 gorgeous and highly masculine man turned torepparttar 149559 woman and asked, "What's going on here? Where are we going with this?"

Her response?

"Come on. I thought I wasrepparttar 149560 girl here."

In other words, a real man should want to avoid commitment likerepparttar 149561 H-Bomb.

This may just be a scene from TV, but too many real-life women find themselves turned off when a man shows interest in moving a relationship forward. And whenever I relate a story about a guy I know who wants a commitment from his girlfriend, one of my female friends will comment, "He sounds likerepparttar 149562 girl inrepparttar 149563 relationship."


The thing is,repparttar 149564 media (particularly women's magazines, which brainwash us into believing that we have to "get" a guy to marry us) promoterepparttar 149565 falsehood that marriage isrepparttar 149566 goal of every female's existence. Men just want sex.

We walk around believing this nonsense, and when it doesn't match up to what we encounter in real life (a guy who really wants to be with us, who is monogamous, and eager for commitment), we automatically assume there's something wrong with him.

The next time you meet a guy, and he actually calls when he says he's going to, stayrepparttar 149567 course. Don't freak out. Don't assume he's a loser. Go out with him again. Give him a chance to grow on you. Give yourself a chance to decide whether he might berepparttar 149568 guy who could make you happy forrepparttar 149569 rest of your life.

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