Guidelines for Printing Great Photos at Home

Written by Kelly Paal

So you have this great digital camera and youíve taken lots of great photos. Now what? Well you could go to a store and have them print your images for you, but isnít that what you did with film? The point of all this great digital technology is that you can print your own photos at home without having to pay someone else to do it. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Itíll seem like a lot of money at first but spendrepparttar money to get a good printer. Six color at least. Ink jets are wonderful for printing snapshots. You wonít need more than that. Also look around atrepparttar 116230 computer brands that sell computer packages for digital printing,repparttar 116231 printer that they recommend is perfect for printing photos at home.

2. Buy some photo editing software. There are lots of brands out there many of them for pros but you can easily find software under one hundred dollars that will have lots more options than you will ever use. Look for software that has automatic settings so thatrepparttar 116232 computer can automatically color correct, auto focus, brighten, or darken, etc. At least until you learn number 3.

3. Learn your equipment. Takerepparttar 116233 time play withrepparttar 116234 settings. Donít try to print perfect photos right away. Most people with a little time and practice can learn to do basic photo special effects. Give yourselfrepparttar 116235 time to learn.

How to take Great Photos of Your Pet

Written by Kelly Paal

We all love our animals. They do such funny, adorable, and cute things. But somehow when that camera comes out they run and hide or they just seem to always be pointed away fromrepparttar camera when you pushrepparttar 116229 button. Well here are some tips to help you have a better chance at getting great photos of your pet.

1. Donít wake your pet out of deep sleep and attempt to coerce him into performing forrepparttar 116230 camera. It wonít happen. Try to take photos of your pet during their routine playtime.

2. If there is enough daylight to take photos then turnrepparttar 116231 flash off. My cat has learned to close his eyes just beforerepparttar 116232 flash goes off. He learned that little trick quick too! Many times a camera flash is just too bright for them, thatís why they point away from you when they know that youíre taking photos.

3. Donít try to get them looking intorepparttar 116233 camera. If there is someone around who can play with your pet just get a shot of them playing with someone else. You can haverepparttar 116234 photo withrepparttar 116235 person andrepparttar 116236 pet or get close to croprepparttar 116237 person out ofrepparttar 116238 shot.

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