Guidelines for Conducting a Good Meeting

Written by Denise OBerry

Copyright 2005 Denise OBerry

Okay, so you've figured out what kind of meeting is needed, you've planned well and you have allrepparttar right materials. How aboutrepparttar 147467 meeting itself? How can you be surerepparttar 147468 meeting you've so carefully planned and prepared actually comes off as expected?

The checklist below can help you throughrepparttar 147469 process.

- Begin on time, clearly statingrepparttar 147470 meeting objective and your intentions to stick to type, time, topic, agenda

- Obtain agreement onrepparttar 147471 agenda items and times for each item

- Agenda changes must be consistent with meeting objective, type, time limits

- Consider having a time keeper, rather than letting topics exceed time limits

- Use action language to assign responsibilities -- What will be accomplished, who will accomplish it, time frames and deliverables (when and how to be accomplished)

Formglas Goes With ETO ERP Encompix

Written by Thomas Cutler

Formglas, Inc. ( recently joinedrepparttar fraternity of Engineer-to-Order/project-based manufacturing companies. Formglas placed an initial order for 20 seats of Encompix with implementation and support services. Formglas, located in Toronto has 4 operating divisions. The primary division (commercial construction) provides custom gypsum-based products torepparttar 147411 construction industry. The gypsum products are used in place of heavier, more expensive, more flammable materials like wood. Formglas specializes in providing ornamental ceiling and wall fixtures torepparttar 147412 Casino and cruise ship industries. Their other divisions are architectural, fireplace and CNC Pattern.

A typical project for them begins with a quotation to provide a certain amount of a product that has been designed by an architect to a customer building a large facility. Formglas provides a quotation in number of pieces and feet using several custom dimensions. They make a pattern (mold) to use inrepparttar 147413 production ofrepparttar 147414 final product. Formglas is like many of mold makers in their system requirements. Oncerepparttar 147415 patterns are completerepparttar 147416 company makes a recipe of gypsum or glass and then manually pressesrepparttar 147417 gypsum intorepparttar 147418 pattern. The gypsum dries, is finished, (painted, sanded, etc) and then stored for shipment torepparttar 147419 job site. The shipments and production schedule are timed in accordance withrepparttar 147420 project site build schedule.

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