Guide to Servicing your Chainsaw

Written by Keith Kingston

Chainsaws provide many years of service for very little upkeep. Takingrepparttar time to service your chainsaw will help ensure that your equipment will not let you down. For safety reasons, make sure you only service your chainsaw when it is fully cooled, withrepparttar 113383 spark plug disconnected. If you are working with an electric chainsaw make sure it is unplugged first of all. You should also wear gloves and protection for your eyes.

For safe and effective operation having correct chain tension is necessary. Asrepparttar 113384 chain wears, significant stretching will occur. After five to ten cuts a new chain may need to be readjusted. Separation fromrepparttar 113385 guide bar or binding intorepparttar 113386 wood can occur ifrepparttar 113387 chain is loose. Premature chain and guide bar wear will be caused by a tight chain. A chain that is well adjusted will move easily and smoothly when pulled by a gloved hand. Binding or sagging byrepparttar 113388 chain should not occur. The chain tension should be checked and adjusted if needed before every use.

A manual or automatic chain oiling system is used in most chainsaws. Friction and heat builds betweenrepparttar 113389 chain and guide bar without oil. The oil also helpsrepparttar 113390 individual links inrepparttar 113391 chain operate smoothly at high speeds. Checkrepparttar 113392 oiling system prior to every use.

Tighten all ofrepparttar 113393 screws and fasteners. This process should be done before every use. Before using your chainsaw each time you need to inspectrepparttar 113394 fuel system.

Winter Gardening

Written by Candee Stark

Ok,repparttar title might be a tad bit misleading. I am not suggesting that you actually garden duringrepparttar 113382 winter but you should be using this time to plan your upcoming garden.

As you look out at your yard and garden area duringrepparttar 113383 cold months of winter, let your thoughts run wild and you will be amazed at what images you can conjure up. You might even want to try some of your new found ideas this spring!

1. Pour through garden catalogs, fliprepparttar 113384 pages and fold downrepparttar 113385 corner anytime you find something you like. Go back to it often until you decide what new plants and flowers you would like to try this spring.

2. Purchase a gardening book or magazine. Look at what other people are trying in their gardens and see if their ideas inspire you to try something new.

3. Look out your windows and try to visualize how you would like your yard and garden to look like. Studyrepparttar 113386 sun....noticerepparttar 113387 shady spots.

4. Make a list of what is important to you, in other words, what do you want from your yard and garden? Do you want to create a patio area for entertaining, a vegetable garden so you grow all of your own vegetables, a quiet area for relaxing, or maybe an area that will attract wildlife. Anything is possible but it is important to recognize what you want before you actually start any gardening project. Ultimately, knowing what you want will save time and money!

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