Guide to Mounting your Satellite Dish

Written by Adam

The Dish Network satellite dish is only about 2 feet in diameter. Very much a space saver when it comes to mountingrepparttar satellite dish on a wall, fence or garage!

Sincerepparttar 100068 satellite dish is small, it is also light and not bulky in size, this also makes it easier to mount.

Satellite dishes have two antennae's which are pointing back torepparttar 100069 dish and shooting off intorepparttar 100070 blue sky.

These 2 receiver antennas help bring in a signal to your dish and displayrepparttar 100071 signals they receive on your television.

If you purchase a satellite dish brand new, you won't have to worry about mounting it, because your local satellite installation crew will do allrepparttar 100072 installing for you. They don't want you trying to climb up a 10 foot ladder to mount their dish, so they'll do it for you, which is usually free anyways.

But if you do have to mount your dish yourself, make sure you haverepparttar 100073 Dish Network satellite pointing directly intorepparttar 100074 sky away from trees, little children and buildings.

By following this step, you will be able to receiverepparttar 100075 most premium possible signal from your satellite dish. This will also provide quality viewing on your television screen!

How to fix the screen in your storm door

Written by Adrian Dunevein

If you are getting tired of seeingrepparttar ugly hole inrepparttar 100067 screen of your aluminum screen door perhaps its time you tried to fix it yourself.

The big problem with aluminum screen doors is sometimes people paint them andrepparttar 100068 screen frame just wont come out ofrepparttar 100069 door easily without damagingrepparttar 100070 paint job or damagingrepparttar 100071 screen frame.

No problem, you can fix it without removing it fromrepparttar 100072 door. You still have to getrepparttar 100073 glass out fromrepparttar 100074 door frame. Usually that involves lifting it up allrepparttar 100075 way, pulling outrepparttar 100076 bottom edge ofrepparttar 100077 glass slightly then pulling it allrepparttar 100078 way down and out.

If you have got that far you should have complete access torepparttar 100079 screen fromrepparttar 100080 inside ofrepparttar 100081 storm door. Pull outrepparttar 100082 old plastic spline that holdsrepparttar 100083 screen it, saving it if possible. Pull outrepparttar 100084 screen material.

Cut a new piece of screen cloth three inches larger thanrepparttar 100085 opening all around and take four two-inch pieces of spline. Use a flat blade screwdriver to pokerepparttar 100086 spline intorepparttar 100087 screen frame to holdrepparttar 100088 cloth in at each ofrepparttar 100089 four corners ofrepparttar 100090 frame. Be careful if you are using aluminum screen cloth, push inrepparttar 100091 spline gently so as not to riprepparttar 100092 cloth.

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