Guide To Some Common Herbs That Heal

Written by Lee Dobbins

Herbs have long been an acceptable way to fight common ailments and while they should not takerepparttar place of medical advice, can be a great supplement to your current medical care. There are many common herbs that have healing properties which you may not even know about.

Some ofrepparttar 145089 herbs like garlic, parsley, rosemary and cayenne you may associate more with cooking, but these plants also have medicinal properties that you can easily put to use by using them in teas, compresses and even as spices in your meals!

Some common healing herbs include:

Aloe Vera

The gel within this plant is reputed to heal wounds and other skin problems such as sunburn. It is also a strong laxative. The plant can be grown in your garden in tropical climates or on your window sill. Slit openrepparttar 145090 leaves and userepparttar 145091 juice inside.


Cayenne is great forrepparttar 145092 circulation and itís no wonder with it's spicy bite! You can use it in your food, or if you are really brave, in a tea. You can also take it in a capsule. It is said that Cayenne will help to expediterepparttar 145093 healing effects of other herbs.


This herb has many uses. In a tea, it has a relaxing effect and can soothrepparttar 145094 digestive system. It is also excellent forrepparttar 145095 skin when applied topically in a cream or lotion. Many herbal soaps, shampoos and lotions include this herb which has been used since ancient times.


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