Guess WHO Can Stop Spam

Written by Jerome Dsouza

Guess 'WHO' Can Stop Sp^am! by Jerome Dsouza. (c) 2002

Guess 'WHO' Can Stop Sp^am!

These days there are plenty of articles onrepparttar troubling issue of sp^am...plenty of articles and plenty of feedback to these articles.

From all this tortured outpouringrepparttar 109586 general consensus seems to be that most networkers - who accept this necessary evil as an unavoidable consequence of being online - most feelrepparttar 109587 answer torepparttar 109588 problem lies inrepparttar 109589 'delete' key.

But whilerepparttar 109590 'delete' key and 'sp^am filters' which seem to have created more problems than they have solved) are effective means to fight sp^am, these methods do not informrepparttar 109591 sp^ammer his mail is being deleted and so he/she goes about their merry task happily unaware of any reductions in their 'response rate'.

What if we could add a slight modification torepparttar 109592 'deleting and filtering'...

There is every possibility that a sp^ammer may be reaching you with a product you require. What if - in these cases - you visitrepparttar 109593 website MINUSrepparttar 109594 affiliate code, make your purchase and ifrepparttar 109595 sp^ammer's email had a contact address, thank him/her for sending yourepparttar 109596 info while also informing them how they have missed their affiliate earnings because they sp^ammed you instead of coming in like genuine and responsible networkers.

This of course will not stop all sp^am because sp^am containing affiliate links is just one small section ofrepparttar 109597 huge sp^am 'market' but as word spreads it could deal a 'death-blow' to this section atleast.

Even where other forms of sp^am are concerned,repparttar 109598 sp^ammer's email will contain keywords ofrepparttar 109599 product/service they are advertising. If this product or service is of interest those keywords could be used in any major search engine thus rewarding serious networkers who have spent time and money setting up websites, submitting them to search engines, and have been working hard for people to find them and their business.

There's a NEW Mafia in Town

Written by Deirdre Jones

By now you may or may not have heard about a new company called Habeas. If not, let me briefly explain to you what allrepparttar hoopla is about. Habeas is offering all of us "protection" fromrepparttar 109585 bad guys (i.e. spammers), and onrepparttar 109586 surface it sounds all good. That is until you really understand how it will affect you.

I mean, sure, I am tired of getting allrepparttar 109587 emails telling me how I can enlarge body parts I do not even possess and inviting me to look at naked teenage girls. But this is a small price to pay for my freedom - my delete button works just fine, thank you. Oh yeah, and I am wondering, hasrepparttar 109588 rest ofrepparttar 109589 civilized world heard of filtering your email as it arrives to your inbox? I do not needrepparttar 109590 help of my Internet Service Provider for this - my IQ indicates that I am above average in intelligence.

And if you decide not to comply (buy into this "protection") with Habeas, then you will surely be crippled. Sure sounds a lot likerepparttar 109591 Mafia to me. What do I mean by all this? Just stay with me here as I briefly go throughrepparttar 109592 paces.

Habeas (a private corporation, mind you) has proposed that we all pay for a header in all our outgoing emails that identifiesrepparttar 109593 email as legitimate (i.e. not sp*m). And for this "privilege", we will be required to pay.

Small businesses, those who make less than $100,000 a year, will pay a fee of $200 a year forrepparttar 109594 privilege of sending email to people who have legitimately requested it. Outrageous! But that is onlyrepparttar 109595 tip ofrepparttar 109596 iceberg.

Those business owners that make over $100,000 a year will be required to pay cent to 1 cent per email sent, up to a maximum of $3,000 a month. Who died and made these people God?! And I thoughtrepparttar 109597 government was giving it to me inrepparttar 109598 way of taxes every year... Now you tell me that I have to be robbed byrepparttar 109599 common citizen, too?

"So what," you say, "I do not even do business by email..." Well, let me explain to you how this will affect you,repparttar 109600 ordinary citizen. Right now,repparttar 109601 header is free for ordinary citizens to use in their emails. But they ALSO originally said that onlyrepparttar 109602 rich would pay taxes, didn't they?

And guess who is taking it inrepparttar 109603 rear now? The poor and middle class, of course, whilerepparttar 109604 rich hide behind their "tax shelters". So, how long do you think that it will be beforerepparttar 109605 ordinary citizen pays, too?

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