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Written by Chad Hall

How do you promote a web site for a company that has an extremely limited buying group? Sure, most ofrepparttar companies onrepparttar 125240 Internet today sell one small product or service, which is searched for by thousands, if not millions of people every day. But, if your company is like ours, you don't have a lot of people searching for your product. Or your competitor's product! Our company is inrepparttar 125241 high voltage capacitor business. There just aren't a lot of uses for our product in today's "smaller, faster, cheaper" world. What does all of this mean? It means that I have to work twice as hard as most web developers or promoters to get hits to our site. If your company is like our company, then you will want to followrepparttar 125242 experience driven methods I have listed below.

1. Links, links, links. I can't say enough about getting sites to link to yours. It is a very simple method, but it takes time and it WORKS! In my case, I have simply searched for companies that would require one of our parts. I then write to them and let them know that we would be interested in a link to their site. Nine out of ten times, they link to us without ever asking for a reciprocal link! Most search engines today take into accountrepparttar 125243 number of other sites that link to your site. They assume that if other companies are linked to you, that your site must be good. Another approach is to search for links to your competitor's page. Go torepparttar 125244 sites that come up, and ask them to link to your site as well. You will be amazed atrepparttar 125245 number of web sites that are simply devoted to linking to other pages! To search for links to a page, try using AltaVista or HotBot. As an example, type inrepparttar 125246 following: You will be amazed atrepparttar 125247 results! Of course, after you request links to pages, you will have to wait untilrepparttar 125248 search engines have indexed again before they know that you are now linked to other sites. Search Engines index on a rate from every two weeks to ever six months.

2. Meta tags. You MUST make sure that you have your Meta tags generated properly. This has been covered by Web Pro News an infinite amount of time, and it is just as important as registering your own domain name. Without Meta tags, most search engines will just pass over you. For a brief explanation on Search Engines and for a free Meta tag evaluation, visit Northern Webs at

Headline Junkie

Written by David Galluzzo

Oh it's true, admit it, you can not resist those titillating text links beckoning to you to "Click Now" and "Discover Secrets Revealed" or "How to Explode Your Traffic". You ask yourself, can they really believe I would be so naive as to click on that? And then you do! Don't worry you're alright, we all click on them, and if not maybe we should because there is a valuable marketing lesson to be learned within. Writing provocative headlines and titles could berepparttar single most important advertising skill you can develop. Writing powerful headlines that command an immediate response and call to action will stimulate growth and sales faster than anything else anyone can recommend. The words that you use in your headlines will instantly determine, in many readers minds,repparttar 125239 enthusiasm or interest level that they will have for your product. If you can't lead buyers to your offer, then you really have nothing more than a pretty web page and a complete waste of your time. Which ofrepparttar 125240 following examples peaks your curiosity and urges an immediate response fromrepparttar 125241 reader? Headline #1: We offer great products at fair prices - visit today and recieve a free offer! or Headline #2: Breakthrough Products Revealed - Save Money and Get Results. Download Free $40.00 Software Instantly. Click Now! I hope you chose number two, because no matter how sophisticated

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