Grown Up Pirate Party Ideas

Written by John Lenaghan

Grown Up Pirate Party Ideas

Yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum isrepparttar cry ofrepparttar 145842 pirates. Of course, rum is not what you want to serve at your childís pirate party but what about a pirate party for adults? Try using these pirate party ideas for pirate decorations, games and party favors.

Though pirate parties are popular birthday party themes, thereís no reason your pirate party couldnít be held any time, for any reason!

Party Ideas

First of all, considerrepparttar 145843 great decorations you can use for this pirate fest. Pinatas inrepparttar 145844 shape of tropical birds would make great party decorations as well as serve as a game later inrepparttar 145845 evening. You can fill your piŮata with chocolate gold coins or perhaps a few more expensive treasures to encourage guests to get intorepparttar 145846 action. Plastic swords might be used not only for party props but also forrepparttar 145847 piŮata game. Have a few eye patches ready for those who were too shy to wear a costume but then want to get intorepparttar 145848 fun once they arrive.

Kids Can Clean, Too!

Written by Kathryn Weber

Thereís a pattern in American households thatís been emerging and itís harmful for kids. Kids have essentially gone from being contributors torepparttar household, to being waited on hand and foot. Too many moms see household duties as being outsiderepparttar 145824 realm of their childís responsibilities Ė and their ability. Itís not only sad, itís also untrue.

In fact, if kids are fully capable of contributing torepparttar 145825 mess of a house, why canít they be expected to contribute to its cleaning? The problem rests with moms. As mothers we often look at housework asrepparttar 145826 old saw ďif you want it done right, youíll have to do it yourself.Ē But, thatís defeating for everybody.

Kids quickly learn thatrepparttar 145827 ďauto-momĒ will handle allrepparttar 145828 messes, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and other household jobs if they can prove their incompetence. And Moms get something out of ďbeingrepparttar 145829 only oneĒ who cleansrepparttar 145830 toilet right, or foldsrepparttar 145831 towels like they do in department stores. But this has to stop. Otherwise, trying to keep home and hearth together will be a 24-hour-a-day job and weíll end up with children whoíll leaverepparttar 145832 home one day and not haverepparttar 145833 vaguest clue about how to handle household duties.

Haverepparttar 145834 expectation that kids will dorepparttar 145835 jobs youíve assigned them One ofrepparttar 145836 things that can underminerepparttar 145837 process of kids helping out aroundrepparttar 145838 house is a parentís expectation that they wonít do it. Expect that they will dorepparttar 145839 jobs, check on their progress, and assign appropriate rewards and consequences torepparttar 145840 job, and itís amazing how well kids will perform.

Parents have to realign their minds that kids are fully capable -- and often willing -- to participate inrepparttar 145841 running ofrepparttar 145842 household andrepparttar 145843 housekeeping that goes with it. As an example, if you asked your son to take outrepparttar 145844 trash before dinner, removerepparttar 145845 videogame privilege until itís done. Yes, it is easier to just do it ourselves, but thatís not practical and it sets a bad example, showing kids that inrepparttar 145846 real world, thereís someone there to clean up after you. As anyone will tell you,repparttar 145847 real world demands that you pick up after yourself. However, not all kids are ready for every household task.

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