Growing a Green Thumb

Written by Dale Power

I receivedrepparttar call at 9:00 inrepparttar 122108 morning on a Saturday. I normally try to takerepparttar 122109 weekends off. I also normally fail in this effort, because of one thing or another, that can be addressed elsewhere though.

“Dale, come quick, Molly is sick!” I had no clue who Molly was, but when you get an emergency call, sometimes little things like understanding what is going on take second seat to action.

I rushed over to Hanna’s house as quickly asrepparttar 122110 law, and a little bending of space-time would allow. When I got there I half expected to see an ambulance waiting byrepparttar 122111 front door. It would not have beenrepparttar 122112 first time my healing skills had been called on in a pinch.

Instead I was met by Hanna. “Come quick, she’s in here! I don’t know what to do!”

Inside, as I looked past her, laying on a table byrepparttar 122113 window was Molly. A fine potted plant. Actually she looked a little wilted and had a tinge of brown around a few leaves. As I moved in for a closer look I could see this was one unhappy plant! Not fine at all!

No, really. I meanrepparttar 122114 plant was sad, unhappy, depressed. Wilted.

“Your cats been bothering Molly hasn’t she?” I asked. “Your plants not damaged, its …Annoyed!”

She admitted that Dolly, her cat, had been seen onrepparttar 122115 table a lot lately. A few minutes later, after talking torepparttar 122116 cat, who agreed to stay away fromrepparttar 122117 plant with only a small bribe, an extra saucer of cream every now and then,repparttar 122118 cause ofrepparttar 122119 problem was fixed.

“Now for a bit of work on Molly and we will be all set.” I centered myself more completely and went into a deep state of concentration and conceptual thought. Working with plants is one ofrepparttar 122120 simplest and most rewarding of allrepparttar 122121 basic psychic skills. Once you ask a plant to grow and describe to it what you wish,repparttar 122122 plant will take it from there and grow. Around two weeks later I got a call from Hanna. “What did you do to my plant?” I noticed that she seemed pleased and promised to be over later to look at it. When I arrived she took me straight to Molly. The plant that had been, if not on deaths door, closer than she should have been, had changed a bit. In to weeks she had more than tripled her size and foliage. Where she had one flower before, she now had dozens. In fact she had more than her kind of plant normally does. By several times! Hanna then confided in me that while she loved plants, they had an unfortunate tendency to die on her after a few weeks to a month or so. She sighed and gave me a forlorn look. “I would give anything to have a green thumb.” I told her to grow one. Before anyone thinks that being a jerk is a hobby of mine, let me explain! Hanna was a long time meditator and practiced at several psychic techniques and basic skill sets. It was well within her ability to do what I had done with Molly. In fact with practice and dedication she could likely be even better at it than I was.

Seeing Ghosts

Written by Dale Power

Have you ever seen a ghost? It’s not that uncommon and, contrary to what some fearful people would have you believe, not particularly harmful to your mind, body or soul. What we commonly think of as a “ghost” is most likely several different phenomenon,repparttar impression of those that were in that space before physically, images from our own minds andrepparttar 122107 minds of others, beings from slightly different dimensions, and yes, sometimes,repparttar 122108 spirits ofrepparttar 122109 dead.

There are several reasons to want to see such things and every person will have their own thoughts on exactly what it is that they are perceiving. It is often interesting to experience such things first hand and simple enough that most people can do so within a few hours. All that is needed is a willingness to do so and a confident attitude!

Whatever your feelings on such matters, it is important to address them honestly before starting to look for ghosts. Many people are more comfortable not knowing what is going on around them. Some get hit with unexpected fear ofrepparttar 122110 unknown which can draw negative entities to them, in order to feed off of these energies. This is most often because ofrepparttar 122111 dark images emplaced by some religious teachings in their early training.

Others seek to entrap or abuse powerful entities for there own, usually negative, ends. I have seenrepparttar 122112 results of such attempts and found them to almost always end badly forrepparttar 122113 people involved. Even onrepparttar 122114 rare occasion thatrepparttar 122115 entity can be caused to do exactly what is desired,repparttar 122116 cost is normally more than bargained for. I highly recommend that you look for other, easier, ways of accomplishing your goals.

Seeing ghosts is a simple process, as is communicating with them. It does take a bit of sensitivity to your environment, but if you are willing to dorepparttar 122117 work, you will get good results. Many wonder how to find a ghost, once they learn to see them, but this is a point that seldom becomes important oncerepparttar 122118 basic skill is learned. Ghosts and entities surround us allrepparttar 122119 time. It is a rare place that never has any activity in it of this nature! In generalrepparttar 122120 best place to start looking for ghosts is not a haunted house or castle, but your own home! Which is far more convenient for most of us.

To begin this process in a safe and relaxed manner, we will break it into three parts. First we will wish to shield, for comfort and safety, second we will introducerepparttar 122121 basic method of seeing ghosts, and third,repparttar 122122 techniques used to communicate with them will be explored.

Find a room where you, or you and your friends if you wish, can sit comfortably and relax. Take a few minutes to clear your mind, but keep your eyes open. Darkenrepparttar 122123 room, but leave at least a small light source, as it will make it easier to define what you are looking at in relationship torepparttar 122124 room.

Shielding: Imagine an egg shaped sphere around you. Hold in your mindrepparttar 122125 idea,repparttar 122126 concept, of this shield keeping you safe from all intrusive energy that may be present. Feel secure in your shielding, it will protect you from harm.

Maintain this field for several minutes, this will allow it to have enough strength to last if your attention waivers, which it probably willrepparttar 122127 first few times you see a ghost!

Seeing ghosts: There are several techniques you can use to sense and perceive ghosts, use any that works for you, or be creative and create your own technique as you progress. These basic techniques will let almost everyone see ghosts within ten to fifteen minutes. I suggest you start here and experiment as you improve.

Hold your mind as free of thoughts as possible. Allow your eyes to defocus and your body to relax. Slow you eye movements and scanrepparttar 122128 room by moving your head. After a few moments you will notice parts of your visual field that you usually ignore, subtle things that are always their. As you pay attention to movement, flashes of light or color, or even a “sense” of presence, keep your eyes relaxed.

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