Grow Your Subscribers Exponentially With These Javascript E-mail Capture Boxes!

Written by Vishal Rao

Here's an exciting pop-up tactic that can literally boostrepparttar no. of opt-ins from your existing traffic. In factrepparttar 105600 first one to use this tactic is byrepparttar 105601 very successful list management/autoresponder tool - OptinLightning.

I love my list management tool - Aweber, and wanted to use a similar E-mail Capture box like OptinLightning to go with it.

To see exactly how this E-mail Capture box works, just visit:

Now this might be annoying to quite a few but when highly successful marketers like Terry Dean have claimed that their subscribers have increased by almost 25% from using this E-mail Capture boxes at his web site, this tactic is worth giving a try.

The only requirement you need to use this tactic for your list is that your list should have a subscribe e-mail address. Which means that someone should be able to subscribe to your list by send an e-mail.

OK, now coming back to creatingrepparttar 105602 code, create a file named subscribe.js. Visitrepparttar 105603 following URL and pasterepparttar 105604 code in it to your subscribe.js file:

Uploadrepparttar 105605 subscribe.js file to your web server in ASCII mode.

Here's what this code does:

Everything that comes between 'if (confirm("' and ')){' will be displayed inrepparttar 105606 E-mail Capture box.

' ' isrepparttar 105607 newline character. Which means anything after ' ' will come inrepparttar 105608 next line. '

' means a blank line and thenrepparttar 105609 next line. Simple, isn't it?

You can changerepparttar 105610 text inrepparttar 105611 above code to reflect your newsletter and bonuses.

Now to displayrepparttar 105612 E-mail Capture box in any page you like, you need to dorepparttar 105613 following.

Includerepparttar 105614 following code inrepparttar 105615 HEAD section of your html code:

Ask Mr. D - JavaScript

Written by Bill Daugherty

Dear Mr. D,

I have noticed several websites that have a sale's message that scrolls across their title bar. Another site I visited had a sale's message scrolling acrossrepparttar status bar.

These messages really caught my eye. I figure if they are eye catching then they must be great sales tools.

I want to install something like that on my site, but I can't find out how to do it. I have several books on HTML, but none of them cover anything that that.

Do you know how it's done. Please keep it simple. I don't have much experience in web design.

Thanks in advance for your help.




Dear Sandra,

The scrolling marquee type messages are are produced by JavaScript codes. That's why you couldn't find them in any of your HTML books.

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