Grow Your Own SIMPLE Tea Garden

Written by Don Rohde, Cedar Creek Woodshop

Materials Needed 1 decorative clay or metal planter

1 package of clay pellets (approx. 30 pellets)

3 packets of organic tea leaves seeds (YOUR CHOICE) Grow-rich or nutrient-rich potting soil (ASK YOUR NURSERY FOR THE BEST RECOMMENDATION FOR YOUR AREA)

Directions 1. Spreadrepparttar clay pellets evenly along bottom of planter. These will absorb water and promote healthy root development ofrepparttar 136126 tea plants.

2. Moisten potting soil in a large plastic bag and then spread mix over clay pellets in planter, leaving 1/2 inch at top of planter.

3. Sprinkle seeds on soil, leaving about 2 or so inches between different varieties.

4. Lightly coverrepparttar 136127 seeds with dry soil, and then moisten slightly with a spray bottle or a few drops of water.

Discover Container Gardening with Tomatoes

Written by Cyndi Roberts

An easy, proven way to save you money while providing good nutrition for your family!

You don't think you have a green thumb? That's OK--you don't really need one! Just a little knowledge and info to get you started!!

Those of us who live in rural areas have a decided advantage over city and apartment dwellers. We can nearly always find room for a vegetable garden even if it's a small one!

But even if you don't have an acre or two of land to play with, don't despair! You can still supplement your grocery budget with fresh veggies grown in a container garden--even ifrepparttar only space you have is on your patio!

Tomatoes are aboutrepparttar 136089 easiest vegetables to grow. They come in all sizes: from bite-size cherry tomatoes to great big beefsteak tomatoes. And tastewise, store-bought tomatoes just can't compare to vine-ripened!

The first step to starting a container garden is to locate your container. You can use almost anything. A half-barrel,repparttar 136090 kind you see for sale at garden centers, works great. You may have plastic buckets already on hand and these can work, too.

If you use buckets, usually one plant to each bucket is enough. And keep in mind, one plant can produce a lot of tomatoes!

Just put a layer of rocks inrepparttar 136091 bottom of your chosen container for drainage. Then fill with quality potting soil about 2/3 thirds ofrepparttar 136092 way full.

Tomatoes are best grown from seedlings. Most garden centers, discount stores, and even some grocery stores have these in stock inrepparttar 136093 spring.

Removerepparttar 136094 plant fromrepparttar 136095 plastic pot it comes in by squeezingrepparttar 136096 bottom ofrepparttar 136097 pot to loosenrepparttar 136098 soil and gently lift it fromrepparttar 136099 pot. Carefully loosenrepparttar 136100 roots a little as sometimes they tend to be a little root-bound inrepparttar 136101 small pots.

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