Grocery prices driven up by supermarket discount cards

Written by Jeremy Brubaker

Jumping through hoops atrepparttar store to getrepparttar 113176 lowest price on frozen pizza is not my idea of fun. What happened to giving every customerrepparttar 113177 lowest price? How much money is wasted on two different price tags for most products,repparttar 113178 cards themselves, and all ofrepparttar 113179 direct marketed ads sent to cardholders? I have never met anyone who wants more junk mail fromrepparttar 113180 grocery store. I've heardrepparttar 113181 argument thatrepparttar 113182 cards help retailers track inventory levels or sales trends, but there is no reasonrepparttar 113183 cash registers couldn't track both without cards or invasion of privacy.

Coffee: A Historic Beverage, And A Great Holiday Gift

Written by Irene D. Hope

Ah, coffee... a fantastic dark beverage that wakes us up inrepparttar morning. For some of us, it keeps us up duringrepparttar 113175 day, or for late night study sessions. We drink it out of habit, we drink it from addiction, we drink it for flavor; whateverrepparttar 113176 reason, it is surely a popular beverage. So where did this famed drink come from?

Coffee, for Americans, is three hundred years old. Inrepparttar 113177 East it was widespread at every level of society, sincerepparttar 113178 earlier era. The most notable dates point to around 800b.c. However, Homer, and according to Arabian tales speak of a mysterious bitter black beverage with powers of stimulation that could have been this drink.

Aboutrepparttar 113179 year 1000, coffee was being used for medicinal purposes. In 1400 a Yemeni goat herder observed his flock eating reddish berries, then becoming excited and restless. After relating his observations to a monk, they boiledrepparttar 113180 berries and made a beverage that could disperse sleep and weariness. No matter how it actually was created,repparttar 113181 fact remains thatrepparttar 113182 coffee plant started in Africa, in an Ethiopian region known as Kaffa. From there it spread to Egypt, Yemen, and Arabia, where it became a part of daily life.

Inrepparttar 113183 late 1500s coffee was a commodity, being sold in Europe. However, due to an increasing demand forrepparttar 113184 new beverage, and high taxes on shipping, there was experimentation with growingrepparttar 113185 crops in various other countries. Much later, around 1727 coffee growing started in Northern Brazil. Byrepparttar 113186 20th century, various forms of coffee were developed forrepparttar 113187 public.

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