Greenland – The Misunderstood Land of Intrigue

Written by Rick Chapo

Say “Greenland” and a traveler immediately thinks of a giant slab of ice. With attractions such as Disko Bay, Motzfeldt So Lake, andrepparttar hikes around Qaqortoq, Greenland is great for travelers looking for something offrepparttar 151080 beaten path.

Disko Bay

Disko Bay isrepparttar 151081 home to massive icebergs. By massive, I am talking icebergsrepparttar 151082 size of large buildings. The icebergs are simply everywhere. Watching one of these giants shrug off a few hundred thousand pounds of ice is a sight you will never forget. More than a few people have suggested a one day boat cruise around Disko Bay isrepparttar 151083 most impressive you could ever take.

Motzfeldt So Lake

If hiking is a mandatory part of your vacation plan, Lake Motzfeldt is for you. The lake is enclosed by glaciers, has it’s own icebergs and is a stunning color of green. The peeks surroundingrepparttar 151084 lake top out above 5,000 feet. There are hundreds of stunning hikes aroundrepparttar 151085 lake with nearly all winding between immense glaciers. Staring up atrepparttar 151086 beautiful monsters will make your mind swirl.


Qaqortoq is a harbor town inrepparttar 151087 South of Greenland. Meaning “the white”, Qaqortoq has a population of a little over 3,000 people. The town isrepparttar 151088 location ofrepparttar 151089 stone and people project, which involves sculptors creating marble pieces and placing them throughoutrepparttar 151090 town. It is an impressive site, particularly during summer when flowers sprout with a vengeance throughoutrepparttar 151091 area.

Los Angeles Theme Park Attractions

Written by VMT Singuillo

So, are you planning to drop by atrepparttar Southern California area? The Greater Los

Angeles area has lots of attractions that you should not miss to visit.

Just to give you a glimpse of what you might expect atrepparttar 151079 various theme parks, we

give you a bird's eye view of a few ofrepparttar 151080 attractions.

One theme park which features movie themes isrepparttar 151081 Universal Studios. Its tram

ride tours its visitors around its wide campus,repparttar 151082 studios and props of its

movie making facilities. Fun rides includerepparttar 151083 Jurassic Park and The Mummy. If

you are fond of horror movies, they have a horror feature too. Stunts such asrepparttar 151084

Waterworld should never be missed. Of course, movies influence a lot of their

other features too.

A country side theme is presented by Knotts Berry Farm. Farms animals may be

present for children to pet. Roller coaster rides are also available for thrill

seekers. You may even get wet in some rides too. The mystery lodge shouldn't be


Pure thriller rides are features atrepparttar 151085 Six Flags - Magic Mountain. Everything

are almost thriller rides that pumps your adrenaline and makes your hair standing

after every ride.

Going south of Los Angeles,repparttar 151086 Sea World located near San Diego, is a great

attraction for nature lovers. See Shamu -repparttar 151087 killer whale together with other

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