Green Tea and Your Health

Written by Josie Anderson

Green tea has been used as for medical remedies in China since ancient times. It was said to have many health benefits and be a remedy for many ailments. It is also said thatrepparttar Japanese owe their slim figures to green tea.

Today, scientist in Asia andrepparttar 149526 west are providing scientific evidence that green tea is a benefit to our health. An anti-oxidant call EGCG that is in green tea isrepparttar 149527 main cause of this.

Green tea has been shown to do many things including:

- Inhibitrepparttar 149528 growth of new cancer cells and kill existing cancer cells

- Promote weight loss helpingrepparttar 149529 body burn up to 10 percent more body fat.

- Increase energy expenditure up to 4 percent.

- Preventrepparttar 149530 oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

- Reducerepparttar 149531 risk of colon, breast, and lung cancer.

- Boostrepparttar 149532 immune system.

- Have an anti-inflammatory effect making it a good supplement for those with arthritis.

A Brief Overview Of Crohn's Disease

Written by Kirsten Whittaker

Crohnís Disease is an inflammatory bowel disease that causes inflammation inrepparttar digestive tract - fromrepparttar 149525 mouth allrepparttar 149526 way through torepparttar 149527 anus. As a disease, it can be difficult to diagnose due to its similarity to other inflammatory disorders such as ulcerative colitis or irritable bowel syndrome. Crohnís Disease usually causes inflammation inrepparttar 149528 lower small intestine, known asrepparttar 149529 ileum. The inflammation goes deep intorepparttar 149530 wall ofrepparttar 149531 intestine causing pain and diarrhea.

It is not known what causes Crohnís disease, although it is thought that it may be heredity in nature orrepparttar 149532 result of a virus or bacterium invadingrepparttar 149533 body. To date no definitive answer has been provided. It effects both males and females and people suffering with this disease also tend to have immune system abnormalities, although whether this is a cause or a result ofrepparttar 149534 disease is unknown. One thing that has been established is that Crohnís Disease is not caused by stress, although emotional distress can exacerbaterepparttar 149535 symptoms.

Symptoms most commonly experienced by sufferers are severe abdominal pain, accompanied by diarrhea. Some also report bleeding fromrepparttar 149536 rectum, weight loss and fevers. Children who suffer with Crohnís may experience some developmental and growth delays due torepparttar 149537 lack of essential vitamins and minerals absorbed intorepparttar 149538 body.

Due to itís similarity to other inflammatory diseases

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