Green Tea and Making Babies

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While green tea has been studied for its numerous health benefits, thereís at least one area of interest that needs more attention.

Can drinking green tea really enhance fertility?

Now that'srepparttar one-hundred-thousand dollar question! Thereís a lot of conflicting opinions and research results pertaining to that subject. We'll try to be fair and present both sides ofrepparttar 141641 issue.

Any tea made fromrepparttar 141642 Camellia sinensis bush contains caffeine. Onrepparttar 141643 bright side ofrepparttar 141644 teapot, green tea has only one-sixth to one-tenth ofrepparttar 141645 amount of caffeine that a similar amount of regular coffee contains.

For those of us who are trying to watch our caffeine intake, thatís a good deal. If you need a caffeine fix though, green tea isn't going to give you what you're looking for. Better start looking forrepparttar 141646 nearest Starbucks.

How can drinking green tea increase fertility?

A study done byrepparttar 141647 Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program in Oakland, California revealed thatrepparttar 141648 chances of conceiving doubled for woman who daily drank more than one- half cup of green tea containing caffeine (American Journal of Public Health, 1998). Because this wasn'trepparttar 141649 case forrepparttar 141650 other tested caffeinated beverages, caffeine wasn't deemedrepparttar 141651 causing agent. Some credit was given torepparttar 141652 possibility thatrepparttar 141653 polyphenols and hypoxanthine, compounds found in tea, resulted in a greater number of viable embryos, and increased maturation and fertilizability of oocytes.

Another conclusion of this study was thatrepparttar 141654 healthy lifestyle of many green tea drinkers, such as regular exercise and decreased smoking and fat intake, might also play a role inrepparttar 141655 enhanced fertility levels ofrepparttar 141656 test subjects.

Gourmet Goodies!

Written by Bob Bassett

Forrepparttar connoisseur in your life, a gourmet gift basket is a perfect choice for a special occasion. Whether they prefer fine wines, exotic coffees, or gourmet cheese, you are sure to find something to please.

Gourmet gift baskets often do not have a specific theme, instead including a variety of high quality food items. Commonly they contain crackers, cheeses, chocolate and other sweets, and wines or champagne. It is possible to find more specific gourmet baskets, of course. Godiva and Ghirardelli chocolates both provide an array of gift basket options. There are also gift baskets that use coffee and wine as focal points, too.

Some gourmet gift baskets are location themed, containing a variety of delicacies local to a region. For instance you might find a New York State gourmet gift basket with apples and a hard cider or apple wine, a New York sharp cheddar, and bread from a New York bakery. A Louisiana themed gift basket might include Cajun spices and food items, a Mardis Gras drink set, and plastic beads.

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