Great White Throne Judgment

Written by Michael Bradley

Before we getrepparttar new heaven and new earth, there is one more event that must take place -repparttar 142295 Great White Throne Judgment. In my last article, Satan is Let Loose One More Time, you saw that Satan will end up inrepparttar 142296 Lake of Fire and Brimstone forever and ever - never to bother, harm or tempt humans ever again! Now what happens torepparttar 142297 rest of unsaved humanity?

They will all come before God in what is calledrepparttar 142298 Great White Throne Judgment. This event has to berepparttar 142299 most disturbing and most bothersome event in all of Scripture. Before this happens,repparttar 142300 Bible tells us that allrepparttar 142301 unsaved people are kept in a place called Hades (Hell) untilrepparttar 142302 Millennium Kingdom is up. Hades (Hell) is a temporary place of torment that these souls are kept in until they have to appear before God in this final judgment, which will determine their eternal fate once and for all.

The New King James version calls this place Hades. However,repparttar 142303 Original King James version calls this place Hell. Either way - Hell or Hades is a temporary place of torment where all unbelievers go to before this judgment comes to pass.

Here isrepparttar 142304 verse giving usrepparttar 142305 details on what will be happening in this judgment ofrepparttar 142306 unsaved.

"Then I saw a great white throne and Him who sat on it, from whose facerepparttar 142307 earth andrepparttar 142308 heaven fled away. And there was found no place for them. And I sawrepparttar 142309 dead, small and great, standing before God, and books were opened. And another book was opened, which isrepparttar 142310 Book of Life. Andrepparttar 142311 dead were judged according to their works, byrepparttar 142312 things which were written inrepparttar 142313 books.

The sea gave uprepparttar 142314 dead who were in it, and Death and Hades delivered uprepparttar 142315 dead who were in them. And they were judged, each one according to his works. Then Death and Hades were cast intorepparttar 142316 Lake of Fire. This isrepparttar 142317 second death. And anyone not found written inrepparttar 142318 Book of Life was cast intorepparttar 142319 Lake of Fire." (Revelations 20:11-14)


1. The above verse refers to a "second death." The first death is whenrepparttar 142320 unsaved are thrown into Hades after they physically die and are kept there untilrepparttar 142321 Millennium Kingdom is up. The second death refers to whenrepparttar 142322 unsaved are cast intorepparttar 142323 Lake of Fire and Brimstone where they will remain for all of eternity.

Notice thatrepparttar 142324 above verse definitely establishes that these unsaved people are in kept Hades until this judgment comes forth. The verse says that "Hades delivered uprepparttar 142325 dead who were in them."

2. After this final judgment is pronounced, not only arerepparttar 142326 unsaved cast intorepparttar 142327 Lake of Fire and Brimstone, but Hades itself is also cast intorepparttar 142328 Lake of Fire and Brimstone. This would thus be a "merger" of Hades andrepparttar 142329 Lake of Fire and Brimstone. Not only is God going to merge His heaven with our earth when we getrepparttar 142330 new heaven and new earth - God is also going to merge Hades (Hell) withrepparttar 142331 Lake of Fire and Brimstone when all is said and done. This will Godís final ultimate end forrepparttar 142332 saved andrepparttar 142333 unsaved.

The Bible does not give usrepparttar 142334 specific details ofrepparttar 142335 nature ofrepparttar 142336 torment that they will be under once they are thrown intorepparttar 142337 Lake of fire and Brimstone. And God may never tell any of us, even when we get intorepparttar 142338 new heaven andrepparttar 142339 new earth. It may be something He may never really want us to know about and we may be better off not knowingrepparttar 142340 full details.

However, justrepparttar 142341 thought that a certain percentage of humanity will not make it intorepparttar 142342 new heaven and new earth, and will have to spendrepparttar 142343 rest of their eternal lives in this horrible place of torment just blowsrepparttar 142344 human mind!


Written by Irvin L. Rozier


Whenrepparttar storms and trials of life come your way And you can barely keeprepparttar 142163 hellhounds at bay You have no help from your neighbors or friends Look to Jesus for in your troubles help he sends

Paul almost perished in that great storm onrepparttar 142164 sea Whenrepparttar 142165 Lord said to him be of good cheer it is me Paul trusted and had faith inrepparttar 142166 Lord and his plan None onrepparttar 142167 wrecked ship were lost, not even a man

Satan tries to destroy and hinder God's work Around God's children he does lurk But prayer torepparttar 142168 Lord has much power Causesrepparttar 142169 enemy to withdraw and to cower

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