Great Ways To Obtain Link Popularity

Written by Ronald Gibson

Copyright 2005 Ronald Gibson

I hate reciprocal linking.

It is such a hassle. Even specialized reciprocal linking sites don't really help all that much. Many ofrepparttar link requests that I do get are from poker sites that are totally irrelevant to my site's content. Most ofrepparttar 143914 sites that I would like to link to don't respond. Some sites supposedly do respond, but, when I search their sites, I can't find my link anywhere. It is just so totally and completely frustrating.

Link popularity is a major factor in search engine rankings. How does someone like me, who despises reciprocal linking, go about improving my site's link popularity?

Fortunately for me, I have discovered two ways to do exactly that. They are blogging and submitting articles.

I addedrepparttar 143915 Work At Home Ideas Blog( to my website two weeks ago. Search engines love content and blogs are aboutrepparttar 143916 easiest way to add fresh content to your site. But, how can a blog improve your site's link popularity? Most blogs feature their own RSS or XML feed. If a visitor to your blog likes your content, then he just might decide to syndicate your content on his website. Inrepparttar 143917 past two weeks, my blog's XML feed has been hit more than 150 times. I expect to get at least some new links out of that.

Writing articles and submitting them to article directories is another great way to get more links pointing back to your site. You can place your own "resource box"(similar torepparttar 143918 one atrepparttar 143919 bottom of this article) atrepparttar 143920 bottom of your articles. Your resource box wiil contain a link back to your website. The article directory will publish your article and--BAM-you have an instant link back to your website. Submitting articles is a great way to get your site's popularity going like gangbusters.


Written by Judy Thompson

Copyright 2005 Judy Thompson

If you are thinking about joining a network marketing company, also referred to as multi-level marketing, or MLM, one important item you will want to understand is its compensation plan. Otherwise, “How will I get paid?”

There are four basic kinds of MLM compensation plans that will be described in this article.. Each of these may have several variations. Some plans are better suited forrepparttar people who really enjoy sales and may desire to retail a lot of products. Some plans are designed to attract especiallyrepparttar 143913 “heavy hitter.” Some plans pay well forrepparttar 143914 beginner and may or may not be attractive torepparttar 143915 big recruiter. Some plans make a serious effort to reward evenrepparttar 143916 little guy or gal who can only sponsor or recruit a few people, but also pay very well torepparttar 143917 top distributors.

These plans are called Unilevel, Stairstep Breakaway, Binary, and Matrix.

1.UNILEVEL. This is a simple, straightforward compensation plan. It allows for a distributor to have a first level of unlimited width. The levelsrepparttar 143918 company pays commission on generally range from 3 to 9 levels deep. The more volume generated by you and your organization,repparttar 143919 more you can earn. A disadvantage to this plan is that building wide meansrepparttar 143920 distributor may give less help to his personal enrollees.

2.STAIRSTEP BREAKAWAY. This isrepparttar 143921 most common of allrepparttar 143922 compensation plans. It is where most ofrepparttar 143923 really big money is made in MLM. This big money, however, is made by a very small percentage of people. Breakaway plans are geared for full-time effort. Attrition isrepparttar 143924 highest with breakaway plans and it generally will cost more to build your business. This is a work program. It takes persistence, salesmanship, and requiresrepparttar 143925 ability for you to train your recruits. Companies which use breakaway plans tend to pay higher commissions. However,repparttar 143926 plan may be extremely difficult for most people to duplicate. 3.BINARY. This is a very complicated and hard-to-understand plan. It does, however, offer a simple system that is easy to duplicate. Otherwise, you recruit just two and help them dorepparttar 143927 same.

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