Great Skin

Written by Jan K. Johnson

Maintaining great skin can be a challenge if you donít knowrepparttar secrets to having perfect skin. Did you know that what you eat and what you use on your skin plays a tremendous role onrepparttar 149107 state of your skin?

Regardless of your skin type, all skin types should avoid eating fried foods because these foods contain free radicals that are toxic torepparttar 149108 vital enzymes inrepparttar 149109 body.

Other foods that should also be avoided are alcohol and caffeine, especially on those individuals with dry skin. Alcohol and caffeine are diuretics that causerepparttar 149110 skin to lose fluids and minerals. Basically,repparttar 149111 diuretics dehydraterepparttar 149112 skin making it look tired and dry leading to premature aging.

A great moisturizing secret is to use food from your kitchen on your skin. For example, avocado makes an excellent moisturizing facemask. It conditionsrepparttar 149113 skin leaving it feeling moisturized and looking vibrant.

Treat Cold, Flu and Ear Infection the natural way

Written by Livia Tiba

Treat Cold, Flu and Ear Infectionrepparttar natural way

With or without medication,repparttar 149106 cold orrepparttar 149107 flu can give you real trouble. You can choose from a variety of medications that can give you some relief in symptoms or you can takerepparttar 149108 natural approach that may prevent, speed your recovery and help you to feel better alongrepparttar 149109 way.

When is coming to children a cold or flu or other upper respiratory infection can also ends in an ear infection - acute otitis media - that appear inrepparttar 149110 space behindrepparttar 149111 eardrum, that is calledrepparttar 149112 middle ear.

This is very common in children younger than age 8, as their immature ear can be easily infected. Their Eustachian tube (the tube that connectsrepparttar 149113 throat andrepparttar 149114 middle ear) is shorter, softer and more horizontal which is more easily blocked by secretions than those of older children or adults. Also, very exposed could be infants because of their sucking habit. Always keep a breast or bottle feeding baby under an angle to prevent enteringrepparttar 149115 liquid into theirs immature ear. During a cold, throat infection, allergy or other upper respiratory infection,repparttar 149116 Eustachian tube swells and prevents air from enteringrepparttar 149117 middle ear, leading to allowingrepparttar 149118 secretions to enter torepparttar 149119 middle ear and be trapped there. This leads to viruses and bacteria to grow and cause infection.

Using salt therapy you can prevent or reducerepparttar 149120 symptoms in cold, flu or ear infection. If your baby has a stuffy nose and has difficulty breast- or bottle feeding or seems to be short of breath,repparttar 149121 Salin device isrepparttar 149122 best. Using Salin duringrepparttar 149123 night, while sleeps, your baby wonít wake you up because ofrepparttar 149124 stuffy nose. He or she will be able to breathe normally,repparttar 149125 inhaled saline will openrepparttar 149126 airways, will clean secretions and kill bacteria, reducingrepparttar 149127 duration of cold or flu and preventing an ear infection.

Inrepparttar 149128 range of 0.1-2.5 microns -repparttar 149129 same size asrepparttar 149130 most damaging micro particles from auto and industrial pollution, and invisible torepparttar 149131 human eye --repparttar 149132 micro particles of salt penetrate into every corner ofrepparttar 149133 bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli and deposit uponrepparttar 149134 surface, cleaning secretions, killing microbes and bacteria, leading in turn to a reduction in inflammation. Acting as a mucokinetic, they restorerepparttar 149135 normal transport of mucus and unclog blockages inrepparttar 149136 bronchi and bronchioles and upper respiratory tract. The inhaled saline (NaCl) is hydrophilic, so it absorbsrepparttar 149137 edema fromrepparttar 149138 mucosa liningrepparttar 149139 airway passages. Inrepparttar 149140 bronchial tree: Absorption ofrepparttar 149141 inflammatory edema fromrepparttar 149142 mucosa liningrepparttar 149143 bronchial tree, causing asthma, will be diminished, leading to widening ofrepparttar 149144 airway passages. Also, it humidifies and fluidizesrepparttar 149145 bronchial secretions inrepparttar 149146 bronchial tree leading torepparttar 149147 relief ofrepparttar 149148 broncho- spasm assisting and improvingrepparttar 149149 treatment of asthma. Inrepparttar 149150 nose and para-nasal sinuses, edema ofrepparttar 149151 nasal mucosa, causing nasal obstruction, will be diminished, leading to widening ofrepparttar 149152 airway passage inrepparttar 149153 nose andrepparttar 149154 tubes ofrepparttar 149155 sinuses and improvesrepparttar 149156 sinuses drainage. Inrepparttar 149157 auditory tube: Edema ofrepparttar 149158 Eustachian tube mucosa, causing obstruction and otitis media, will be diminished, leading to widening ofrepparttar 149159 airway passages, better drainage ofrepparttar 149160 inflammatory secretions & better aeration behindrepparttar 149161 tympanic membrane (drum).

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