Granite is Tough; Taking Correct Care of It Isn't

Written by Edward Green

Granite is Tough; Taking Correct Care of It Isn't

Crystal like granite countertops and spa type bathrooms built with natural stone are allrepparttar rage in home interiors, but not surprisingly it will lose its investment value fast if not properly maintained. Up to now, only ammonia based cleaners wererepparttar 118025 granite cleaning choice outside of soap and water for homeowners, regardless ofrepparttar 118026 fact that these products in reality damage natural stone.

Marble Masterís stone cleaning product line safely cleans and conditions countertops, floors and wall surrounds made of granite, marble, travertine and other natural stone. For more information, visit

"Ammonia-based products removerepparttar 118027 seal of natural stone, allowing stains to penetraterepparttar 118028 surface and set more easily," said Edward Green, Technical Director of Marble Master. "The damage caused by these products increasesrepparttar 118029 chance thatrepparttar 118030 stone will have to be refurbished or replaced, which is a costly undertaking."

Natural stone is hard-wearing, but still needs appropriate care to continue its inherent beauty. When treated correctly, it is a low maintenance surface that will hold its gleam longer than any other surface known to man, and can enhancerepparttar 118031 value of your home.

Marble Master's set of non ammoniated, inexpensive products features its Daily Cleaner, Daily Cleaner Wipes, Polish/Protector, Stone Soap and Penetrating Sealers. The line protects and extendsrepparttar 118032 life of stone countertops and gives customers high quality cleaning power. The line is non toxic, safe on all food preparation surfaces, features a streak-free formula and is easy to use.

Book Shelf Decorating Idea & Tip

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

If you have book shelves in your home, and lots of books, you've probably discovered that bookends don't always keep everything in order. Sometimes your collection of books onrepparttar shelf are just too much forrepparttar 118024 bookend to hold.

Here's a great tip that also doubles as a wonderful decorating idea: Use curtain rod finials as your bookends! A finial is a carved or shaped decorative detail used as ornaments to spruce up all sorts of items in a room. Curtain rod finials are used to make curtain rods more decorative, and also to keep curtains from sliding offrepparttar 118025 ends ofrepparttar 118026 rods. Regular architectural finials are often used as enhancements to a room's decoration and style. Sometimes you'll see them for instance, atrepparttar 118027 top of a staircase post or onrepparttar 118028 tops of bedposts.

Curtain rod finials usually come with a screw set inside. All you have to do is drill a starter hole in your bookshelf, then screwrepparttar 118029 finial into place. You can also use standard wood glue onrepparttar 118030 bottom ofrepparttar 118031 finial, to be sure it stays in place at all times... by doing so of course though, you won't be able to changerepparttar 118032 finials to a different style later.

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