Grandparents --- Homeschool Your Grandchildren And Feel Younger

Written by Joel Turtel

Grandparents, what better way to stay close to your grown children than to advise them about important issues likerepparttar dangers of public schools for your grandchildren? What better way to feel younger if you offer to help homeschool your grandchildren?

When your children grow up and get careers of their own, that doesn't mean you have to be lonely in a big, empty house and lose contact with your kids. Helping to homeschool your grandchildren can be a wonderful way for you to stay in close and loving contact with your grown children and grandchildren. You can be a loving part ofrepparttar 145879 family again.

If you read "Public Schools, Public Menace," tell your grown children about how your grandkids are in real danger by going to public schools. Don't let your grandchildren's mind's, self-confidence, and love of learning go to waste in public schools. Give your grown childrenrepparttar 145880 book to read.

Finding Community in Distance Education

Written by Jim Norrena

At Indiana Wesleyan University Online, a Christian-based institution,repparttar type of distance that’s most important to their students is not measured in miles. Instead, students enroll inrepparttar 145779 program to gainrepparttar 145780 benefits of a quality education in a community of individuals who are allowedrepparttar 145781 opportunity to incorporate a faith-based worldview. IWU supports a self-described “world changer” initiative -- a commitment to preparing students “to be agents of change on a global scale through virtual community.”

IWUOnline’s approach to online learning has allowed forrepparttar 145782 creation of a broad spectrum of academic programs all targeted at providing excellence, increasingrepparttar 145783 opportunity for students to gain knowledge and skills that will have an impact. Whether pursuing a Bachelors or Masters degree in Business Administration, a Special Education licensure or Masters in Education, a registered-nursing BS completion, or a graduate degree in Nursing or Ministry, IWUOnline’s academic options are as robust as any traditional higher education institution.

Unlike other adult online learning curriculums, IWUOnline’s curriculum offers a unique sequential skill-building progression wherein students are fully prepared forrepparttar 145784 next stage of coursework. Additionally, courses are built upon an asynchronous model that allows coursework to be completed according to individual schedules. The success rates are higher becauserepparttar 145785 programs are strategically structured to advance students in a logical, easy-to-follow path.

Learning inevitably develops at a varying pace. To ensure strength atrepparttar 145786 onset, IWUOnline prepares, as part of its fundamental learning objective, a technological proficiency curve that furnishes students withrepparttar 145787 essential skills to succeed in their degree programs. Technological competency is integrated into each program. Students receive support via elective courses and supplemental materials, in addition to exercises and instruction that collectively and thoroughly develop all necessary technical skills.

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