Granada Spain - Glorious City Of Southern Spain

Written by Linda Plummer

Situated atrepparttar foot ofrepparttar 140358 southerly Sierra Nevada ski resort, Granada is one ofrepparttar 140359 most splendid cities of eastern Andalucia.

On its southern side is 103 kms of fabulous Mediterranean coastline, withrepparttar 140360 Costa del Sol and Costa Tropical in close proximity whilst, in between, lies a fertile plain producing exotic fruits.

Granada dates back to prehistoric times and was known as Ilbyr. Whenrepparttar 140361 Romans colonizedrepparttar 140362 southern part of Iberia, they built their own city there, calling it Illibris. The Arabs, invadingrepparttar 140363 Peninsula inrepparttar 140364 eighth century, gaverepparttar 140365 city its current name of Granada.

Beingrepparttar 140366 last Muslim city of Spain to be reconquered by repparttar 140367 Christians, Granada has an unmistakable Arab flavor, and Moorish and Christian elements go hand-in-hand.

One ofrepparttar 140368 most brilliant jewels of Granada isrepparttar 140369 Alhambra, a series of palaces and gardens built underrepparttar 140370 Nazari Dynasty inrepparttar 140371 fourteenth century. This mighty compound of buildings, includingrepparttar 140372 summer palace called Generalife with its beautiful fountains and gardens, stands atrepparttar 140373 foot ofrepparttar 140374 Sierra Nevada.

The hill facingrepparttar 140375 Alhambra isrepparttar 140376 old Moorish casbah or medina calledrepparttar 140377 Albaicín. One ofrepparttar 140378 oldest districts, it has been declared a World Heritage Site, along withrepparttar 140379 Alhambra and Generalife.

Málaga Spain - Birthplace of Pablo Picasso

Written by Linda Plummer

Another lively Andalucian city and capital ofrepparttar popular Costa del Sol Málaga has, in its time, been inhabited by Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Moors.

Wide avenues and green spaces abound and, as with other major Spanish cities, it is truly steeped in history and culture.

The Citadel or La Alcazaba (8th-11th centuries) as well as beingrepparttar 140357 symbol of Málaga, is one ofrepparttar 140358 largest fortresses in Andalucia with and Archaelogoical Museum now located there.

Close by isrepparttar 140359 wonderful Castle of Gibralfaro (14th century), joined torepparttar 140360 Citadel by a stretch of wall that gives superb views of Málaga and its port.

Atrepparttar 140361 foot of Gibralfaro can be foundrepparttar 140362 Roman Theater, La Malagueta, andrepparttar 140363 old quarter ofrepparttar 140364 city.

Inrepparttar 140365 center ofrepparttar 140366 historic district standsrepparttar 140367 Cathedral of Málaga (16th-18th centuries), also known as La Manquita because of its unfinished tower.

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