Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) for Teen Drivers

Written by Melih Oztalay

The crash risk is highest for drivers 16 years of age due to their immaturity and limited driving experience. A series of five research papers published in a September 2002 supplement of Injury Prevention address reducingrepparttar crash risk among young drivers. The papers make a compelling case for graduated driver licensing (GDL),repparttar 102700 system of laws and practices that gradually introduce young drivers intorepparttar 102701 driving population.

Graduated Driver License programs can be found in 31 states aroundrepparttar 102702 country. The GDL program permit young drivers to safely gain driving experience before obtaining full driving privileges and are generally targeted towards 14 – 17 year old teen drivers.

Most states require an adult with a valid driver’s license be present whenrepparttar 102703 teen is driving. Additionallyrepparttar 102704 teen driver is required to enroll in a certified Drivers Ed course and must hold a learner’s permit for at least 3 – 6 months before taking an “operators driving license” test.

It is during these 3 – 6 months when teen drivers with learner’s permits mostly driverepparttar 102705 family vehicle with their parents. While GDL programs allowrepparttar 102706 teen driver to gain experience in a family vehicle with a parent, other drivers are not aware who is behindrepparttar 102707 wheel of this vehicle.

Parents of Teen Drivers

Written by Melih Oztalay

Afterrepparttar Driving School So, what does a parent think while sitting inrepparttar 102699 passenger seat and their teen is driving with a permit license? A “bump” inrepparttar 102700 parking lot with another car? Traffic tickets for moving violations? Insurance rates sky-rocketing?

If you visit search engines you can find several resources to assist you on this subject. Try searching onrepparttar 102701 phrase “parents with teen drivers”. Alternatively we have tried to make this easy for you if you visit our news page on this very topic.

A few resources onrepparttar 102702 web for parents are:

Parent-Teen Contract You might also consider using a driving safety contract between you and your teen. This is an agreement that your child signs, in which he agrees to be a safe driver by following all restrictions you have imposed or risk losing his driving privileges. An example of this can be found at: Talk It Out Work with your teen driver to talk through their thought process while driving. Let’s not over-do this torepparttar 102703 point that they cannot concentrate on driving. More specifics can be found inrepparttar 102704 book for parents at:

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