Grace for Grace

Written by Joyce C. Lock

Grace: Godís unmerited favor, unconditional love, when we get what we donít deserve, when we get something far greater than anything we deserved, when we hitrepparttar end ofrepparttar 126899 road and find a second chance, salvation, forgiveness.

When your child has been severely injured, due to your neglect, yet they recover without permanent scars - then you know grace.

When youíve been unfaithful to your mate and that love is restored - then you know grace.

When youíve made a mistake of catastrophic proportion and someone else pays your bill - then you know grace.

Hang On!

Written by Joyce C. Lock

God is love and He dwells within you. When you truly love, it is God loving through you. Therefore, it is never wrong to love.

Love means you love enough to do whatever is in other's best interest, meetingrepparttar needs of their heart. Sometimes, that is easy and wonderful. Other times, it is very hard and painful. But, love never fails. It will always accomplishrepparttar 126898 purpose in which God gave it.

In any area of service wherein God calls you to love, yet doors are closed, it becomes a heartache and longing within. You may even learn to be content. However, your soul will never, otherwise, be complete. As it is God who lives within you, it is God who prompts your heart to love. And, He doesnít stop calling just because someone else disagrees, Ro. 11:29.

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