Grab Your 5 Reasons to Engage An Attractive Site

Written by Janice Chiang

Ever thought aboutrepparttar reasons you started your website? If you canít come up with a solid answer within 30 seconds, itís time for you to start thinking about it!

Here are 5 critical reasons why you may want to start your website and to make your website attractive both full of content and easy to navigate. 1. Be a believer of ďfairnessĒ!

You may not find too much fairness nowadays, but you are sure to find fairness in WWW,repparttar 117209 World Wide Web. You arerepparttar 117210 same asrepparttar 117211 big companies out there such as When you type in an address such as, you can reach it just as easy as when you typed in

The mere difference is that spends much more money then Or spends more time on generic marketing where as will probably spends more time on niche marketing.

2. Let your favorite product company handlerepparttar 117212 rest.

Atkins Diet & Low Carbohydrate Weight-Loss Support ( is a site about Dr. Atkinís Diet and Low Carbohydrate Diets. Right now, a lot of people love Dr. Atkinís Diet. Atkins Diet & Low Carbohydrate Weight-Loss Support gives people plenty of information about Dr. Atkinís.

Because Dr. Atkins has a new book, too sells Dr. Atkinsí new book. Atkins Diet & Low Carbohydrate Weight-Loss Support simply joins Amazon.comís affiliate program, and put up a referral link to Dr. Atkinís newest book at Amazon.comís page. Atkins Diet & Low Carbohydrate Weight-Loss Support makes money every time someone decides its time to buy Dr. Atkinís new book.

You too can smartly integrating reviews and tools into your existing website with referral links that earns you commissions.

3. Sell your own product

Create your own products and sell it on your website! Letís say you cooks delicious cookies. No one can resist your cookies once they have tasted it. You can add this new product of yours into your website content.

Take Atkins Diet & Low Carbohydrate Weight-Loss Supportís example above, you can write a delicious description about your cookies and how low fat it is. Eating it will not only easerepparttar 117213 hunger, it helps to keeprepparttar 117214 shape too!

10 Steps to Success in Your Home Based Business

Written by Sue Sanders

Need help getting your Home Based Business on track? Are you feeling that you got lost alongrepparttar way, and canít find your way back? Iíve been there. Here are 10 Steps to Success in starting or restarting your Home Based Business.

1.What is your WHY for doing this business? Write it down, speak it out loud to yourself, and remind yourself of it EVERYDAY.

2.What are your goals and dreams, personal and financial, and how soon do you want to achieve them? Write them down, first personal, then financial. Put them up on your refrigerator, or somewhere you will see them everyday. Adjust them as needed alongrepparttar 117208 way to success.

3.Create a 90 day chart for your 90 DAY PLAN of action, with your forms of advertisement, whether talking to people, putting out flyers, ads, etc. How many people do you plan to talk to a day, how many flyers, ads, etc. per day; write it down for each day on your 90 DAY PLAN. Also, write down your financial goal for these 90 days.

4.In a daily planner, plan your day in 15 minute increments for each day, including your advertising inrepparttar 117209 days as plotted on your 90 DAY PLAN. Do not deviate from your plan unless in an emergency situation. You are YOUR OWN BOSS, so treat yourself as your own employee. DO THE JOB AS YOU WOULD FOR SOMEONE ELSE, only better.

5.Each day on your 90 DAY PLAN chart, jot down your progress (how many people you actually talked to, 10/day suggested, ads & flyers put out, etc), and how many people responded, how many were contacted, how many& how much sales per each form of advertisement.

6.Atrepparttar 117210 end of your 90 DAY PLAN, divide how many sales were made byrepparttar 117211 number of each form of advertising done. Now, did you meet your quota set for your advertising and financial goals? If not, begin a new 90 DAY PLAN of action, increasing each form of advertising . EXAMPLE: Goal $1000.00 profit, for 100 flyers put out, $50.00received; need to increase number of flyers to 2000 to reachrepparttar 117212 goal of $1000.00.($1000 ł $50.00 = 20X100=2000)

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