Government Grants For Small Business To Create Jobs.

Written by Robert Smethers

     As a result of government grants for small business, over 1 million jobs have been created or saved through these federal grants.  Agriculture Deputy Secretary Chuck Conner today announcedrepparttar selection of 35 loan and grant money recipients in 18 states that will receive $16.3 million in rural business development funds from free federal grants.

     "Economic vitality of rural America depends on local business and community leaders havingrepparttar 146679 resources to increase economic opportunities and improverepparttar 146680 quality of life," said Conner. "These loan and grant investments will allow forrepparttar 146681 creation and retention of thousands of rural jobs, Connor said."

     In conjunction with today's announcement USDA signed a $1 billion guarantee note with a lender who will pay an annual fee forrepparttar 146682 federal guarantee, a portion of which will be available forrepparttar 146683 REDLG program. The signing ofrepparttar 146684 guarantee will provide an estimated $52 million in funding forrepparttar 146685 REDLG program.

     An additional $3.4 million in loan funds will be used to assist local re-lending intermediaries establish or expand revolving loan funds to support business development or expansions. Grants totaling $1 million will be made available to local public broadcasting stations for educating viewers on rural matters.

      The loans and free federal grants will support economic and community development and assist inrepparttar 146686 creation or saving of over 3,000 rural jobs as part ofrepparttar 146687 Bush Administration's ongoing efforts to spur economic development in rural areas.

Picturesque Framework of Large Format Posters

Written by Maricon Williams

Pictures influence us. It can frighten us. It can appease us. It can make us happy. It can make us blue. Excited, angry, anxious, perplexed, ecstatic – name it, pictures can very well work its magic spell on us.

Life is ironic and this irony can be reflected inrepparttar picture right before you. Take a glimpse and be amused byrepparttar 146678 things that it is telling you. Its voice may be inaudible but its language is clear. They say that picture paints a thousand words. And its words are so enchanting that it drags you to contemplation. If eyes have been regarded asrepparttar 146679 windows to our soul then, pictures arerepparttar 146680 mirrors to our past andrepparttar 146681 doors to our future. Why are they interrelated? Perhaps,repparttar 146682 reason is that we must look back at them in order to see what’s ahead.

We cherish our pictures and we want to preserve every bit of it because every bit is a piece ofrepparttar 146683 puzzle that makes us up. Pictures are our priceless possession. They arerepparttar 146684 trails of our past. Every picture may mean a precious moment, event or treasured person.

How powerful are pictures? Pictures are everywhere. We see them everyday. In fact, they are widely used to advertise and market since they give an air of ‘personal and human touch’. Some ofrepparttar 146685 powerful ads that use pictures are billboards, labels, stickers and posters. By these materials,repparttar 146686 essence of pictures are captured and preserved. Their lasting effects are resorted to make a product, service or event popular and marketable.

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