Gourmet Sauces, Rubs and Marinades - Give Your BBQ a Gourmet Kick

Written by Gene Grohan

Many individuals agree thatrepparttar sauce on barbecued meat is likerepparttar 149614 icing on a cake. Gourmet barbecue sauces, rubs and marinades are commonly served on (or onrepparttar 149615 side of)repparttar 149616 finished dish. Barbecue sauces are used to add flavor and sweetenrepparttar 149617 meat for a better tasting meal. The types of barbecue sauces available throughoutrepparttar 149618 world are endless. Barbecue sauces, rubs and marinades arerepparttar 149619 three basic methods of seasoning and each brings its own unique element intorepparttar 149620 barbecuing experience.

Barbecue Sauces

Many individuals and families swear by barbecue sauce and some find it impossible to prepare meat without it. Popular types of BBQ sauce depend highly onrepparttar 149621 region, since many different areas have an opinion all their own. Barbecue sauces can are usually based with vinegar, pepper, tomato or mustard and can offer either a sweet or spicy taste torepparttar 149622 dish. Some barbecue sauces also use alcohol such as bourbon or zinfandel to add flavor. Most BBQ sauces use a sweetener such as white sugar, brown sugar, molasses or maple syrup to add sweetness torepparttar 149623 dish. Sugar burns easily and as a result, it is best to addrepparttar 149624 barbecue sauces duringrepparttar 149625 last stage of grilling.

Barbecue Rubs

Barbecue rubs are available in two forms, wet and dry. A dry rub is often a combination of dry spices and herbs which are spread overrepparttar 149626 meat and rubbed intorepparttar 149627 surface. Wet rubs are simply dry rubs with a liquid (usually oil) which binds them together. When cooking for longer periods of time, wet rubs provide moisture torepparttar 149628 meat sorepparttar 149629 meat does not become burnt or tough. Wet rubs are usually used on dishes such as fish or poultry since they do not have as much taste, whereas dry rubs are better suited for steak and pork. Most rubs contain paprika, black pepper, ground chili and garlic powder.

Food Health Values

Written by Weight-Control-Services.com

Now let’s take a look arepparttar basic food elements in your perfect dietary plan; fruits and vegetables group, bread, cereals, rice and past groups, meats and beans group and dairy group. Each has different characteristics or helpful nutritional value for your dietary needs.

Fruits and Vegetables – Fruits have very little if any protein and fat. Instead, they have carbohydrates, generally fruit sugar or fructose and glucose. As Florida commercials tend to announce, fruits offer us vitamins, C and B to be exact, as well as potassium, fiber and other nutrients. Whilerepparttar 149529 sugar helps with maintaining blood sugar levels, vitamins and other nutrients help ward off sickness and disease, and fiber is important for waste disposal fromrepparttar 149530 body.

Here is a peek at some fruits and their relationship torepparttar 149531 perfect diet.

Apples – These help cleanserepparttar 149532 system and aid lungs, and have been used as laxatives, for fainting, melancholy and palpitations. Apples have been known to help people with diabetes, heart disease, cancer and high cholesterol trouble. Apricots – These offer beta carotene and potassium. They aid in adding moisture torepparttar 149533 body, especiallyrepparttar 149534 breathing and throat areas. Apricots have been known to help fight cancer and high blood pressure, prevent night blindness, aid those with stomach and lung cancers, low energy and elderly with mental depression. Bananas – These have been noted to help with intestinal and lung problems, ulcers and constipation, mental alertness, and increasing energy. They also help people with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease risk, blood sugar level maintenance, andrepparttar 149535 elderly with confusion. Berries – A variety of berries has been noted to help with varicose veins, menstrual problems, premature graying, joint ailments, insomnia, liver, spleen and pancreas problems. They also help reduce cancer risk and aid with rheumatoid arthritic solutions, weight loss issues, stomach and colon cancers. Citrus Fruits – Oranges, tangerines, kumquats, lemons, limes - -help with stomach and colon trouble and with anemia and infections (like scurvy) and colds. They are also help people with cataracts andrepparttar 149536 prevention of colon and stomach cancers. Figs – These work as laxatives and have been known to help withrepparttar 149537 treatment of boils and anemia reduction, andrepparttar 149538 prevention of osteoporosis. Grapes – Grapes are associated with cleansingrepparttar 149539 body and to help with water retention, urinary issues, jaundice and hepatitis. They are also associated withrepparttar 149540 healing of rheumatoid arthritis and aid with mental confusion / depression, especially amongrepparttar 149541 elderly.

Mangos – Mangos are noted to aid inrepparttar 149542 prevention of anemia andrepparttar 149543 strengthening ofrepparttar 149544 immune system. They also have been used to help with fighting off infections and tumors andrepparttar 149545 prevention of cervical cancer. And they help withrepparttar 149546 heal of diarrhea, sweating and mental alertness. Papayas – This is a great source for vitamin C and is also noted for helping with male fertility, with aiding white blood cells amongrepparttar 149547 elderly, with intestinal treatments and with cancer prevention. Pears – Pears have similar characteristics as apples. They provide moisture forrepparttar 149548 body, are slow to digest and have fairly little allergic responses reported. They have also been used to help with coughing, diabetes, cholesterol levels, dryness inrepparttar 149549 chest cavity, skin injuries, introducing babies to food, staving off hunger and boosting brain power. Pineapples – Their juice helps with digestion, dissolving blood clots (related to thrombosis) and healing wounds. They have been known to help with cancer prevention. Prunes – Help with iron deficiency and constipation. Prune puree can act as a substitute in dietary cooking to lightenrepparttar 149550 fat low, working in place of butter and margarine.

Now let’s look at some veggies. Again low in calories, vegetables are also high in fiber content, vitamins and minerals, with little to zero protein and fats. Check and see how some veggies affect your perfect diet.

Artichoke – Artichokes have been known to aid liver disease, kidneys and gallbladders. They also help with large intestinal problems, skin and bowel cancer prevention, high cholesterol and hepatitis. Asparagus – Great source of some vitamin B, this veggie helps with water retention with regards to kidneys and menstrual issues, cataracts and lung problems (some bronchitis, tuberculosis). Avocado – Great source for vitamins E and some Bs and oil, avocados help withrepparttar 149551 immune systems in elderly people. They also aidrepparttar 149552 liver, lungs and intestines (ulcer treatments), infertility in men and Parkinson’s Disease. Broccoli – This has been noted to help with anemia, eye disorders like near-sightedness, and infections, especially childhood ones like measles. Broccoli has also been known to help counteractrepparttar 149553 effects of cigarette smoke and aid in many types of cancer prevention. Cabbage – Cabbage has been used to help with lung and digestive disorders, ulcers, wounds, joints, mastitis and acne. Is has been reported to help with breast and prostate cancers, bacterial infections and heart disease prevention. Celery – This is helpful for those with high blood pressure, for those with rheumatoid arthritis and for calming, not only withrepparttar 149554 liver but with stress and anxiety as well. Celery is also used to help with stomach, pancreas and spleen troubles, acne and canker sores, burning urine and eye inflammation.

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