Gourmet Coffee Beans

Written by Ross MacIver

Gourmet Coffee Beans

You can be a coffee lover without knowing much about coffee beans, but learning a little bit aboutrepparttar different types of coffee can help you getrepparttar 146824 perfect cup every time. There are many types of gourmet coffee beans. The way they have been grown in processed has a huge effect on their taste. Here's a little bit of information for gettingrepparttar 146825 best from your gourmet coffee beans.

Coffee is a common agricultural product of many tropical countries. There are two main species of coffee plant Arabica and Robusta. Gourmet coffee beans are mostly Arabica because of their superior flavor and smoothness. Many blends, however, include Robusta coffee beans to give an edge torepparttar 146826 coffee.

Afterrepparttar 146827 coffee is picked, it must be roasted. Roasting makesrepparttar 146828 green coffee beans expand in size and changes their color to a light to dark brown. Lighter roasts reveal more ofrepparttar 146829 flavor of gourmet coffee beans, while darker roasts take onrepparttar 146830 flavor ofrepparttar 146831 roasting process itself. After roastingrepparttar 146832 coffee should be kept in vacuum packed containers to minimize flavor loss.

Gourmet Italian Gift Baskets

Written by Hans Dekker

The most popular type of restaurant food is Italian food, so it's no wonder that there is a good selection of gourmet Italian gift baskets available. If you are looking for a gift for a food lover, you can't go wrong with gourmet Italian gift baskets.

There's all sorts of delicious food in gourmet Italian gift baskets. Everything from pasta to pastrami can be included. Don't forget to Italian specialties like minestrone soup, balsamic vinegar, Italian cheese and desserts. An Italian gift basket can have everything you need for a complete meal.

Thanks to their popularity, there's a huge variety in gourmet Italian gift baskets. There is something to meet every taste and budget as well as specialty gift baskets that cater to pasta lovers or coffee gourmets. They make fabulous gifts for just about any occasion -- birthdays, retirement parties, or anniversaries.

When it comes to food, everybody's Italian! You simply can't go wrong by giving gourmet Italian gift baskets. A standard Italian gift basket comes complete with pasta, pasta sauce, Italian bread sticks, Italian vegetables and biscotti.

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