Got an Idea for a Movie? It's a Swift Path to Success

Written by John Hart

You've seen one or two bad movies in your time, right? And you've told your date, "I could do better than that." Your instincts are probably right.

You already know Hollywood seems locked into makingrepparttar same tired, old plots, over and over. But you have an idea for a better movie rolling around inside your brain. Well, here's opportunity knocking.

A former Hollywood executive is willing to make your screenplay into a movie if you'rerepparttar 138648 winner of a winner-take-all competition. John Hart, former vice-president for BrightStar Productions, has founded an independent studio in Oregon, a state that is now known as "Hollywood North," and he's ready to makerepparttar 138649 winning idea into a movie.

The competition is called MakeMyScreenplay and it'srepparttar 138650 only one of its kind. The winner gets his or her script made into a feature-length movie, and here'srepparttar 138651 best part:repparttar 138652 winner also gets fifty-percent (50%) of all revenue generated from theatrical, televison, and DVD sales.

What kind of money are we talking about here?

Well, "Blair Witch Project," a low-budget independent movie, made outside of Hollywood, grossed $140,530,114 dollars inrepparttar 138653 U.S., according torepparttar 138654 Internet Movie Database. Another recent independent hit also made outside of Hollywood, "Napoleon Dynamite," grossed $44,540,956 inrepparttar 138655 U.S.

When Is It Time To Stop Gambling?

Written by Ryan D.

Do you sometimes wish you could continue gambling for just a few more minutes? Do you stop when you've had enough of a good time or because your money has run out? Here are some budget-stretching ideas.

You can use four basic methods to make your casino money last longer. The first speaks for itself - bet low! Find games where it's cheap to play, or at least no more than a small portion of your budget. If you come with a few hundred dollars, go forrepparttar nickel or penny slot games. If your balance is a few thousand dollars, play Blackjack for a dollar or two per hand.

If you stick torepparttar 138595 inexpensive games, evenrepparttar 138596 worst player should be happy to call it quits beforerepparttar 138597 funds run out. Objective achieved!

Our second suggestion for saying goodbye torepparttar 138598 casino when you're tired but not broke is to bet intelligently in a game whererepparttar 138599 odds are favorable or at least reasonable. Here we'd recommend Baccarat if you're willing to bet on Player or, preferably, Banker - and you'll discipline yourself never to put a wager on a tie. You can also linger a while at Craps as long as you wager only on Pass/Don't Pass and meticulously go forrepparttar 138600 Odds bets. Another good alternative isrepparttar 138601 slots games where payout ratios are high; if they're above 98 percent, give it a go. Never automatically assume thatrepparttar 138602 payouts are this good - check first!

Even when adoptingrepparttar 138603 strategy based on encouraging odds and placing only smart wagers, it's advisable to come in with a worthwhile balance. In general, your minimum bankroll should be between 50 and 100 times as much asrepparttar 138604 cost of a single bet. If your pockets are not that full, our first method is better suited to you.

The third technique that should keep you going for some length of time is to play a game where things happen slowly, not because of a bad Internet connection but to make your money last longer.

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