Got Traffic?

Written by Kevin Davies

Here's what your website must have to get lots of traffic - links pointing to your site. The more you have,repparttar more traffic you get.

But how do you get links pointing to your site? Well you could email webmasters and ask them to put a link on their site (reciprocal links). But that's rather slow. You need something that will get other people link to your site.

How do you get other people linking to your site? Here are some ideas:


People want content. If your site has lots of good fresh content try providing free content feeds. You get links back to your site, and they get free updated content from your site.


Write good quality and useful articles and put a link to your site atrepparttar 105974 bottom. Allow people to freely publish them. The better and more usefulrepparttar 105975 articlerepparttar 105976 more people will publish it andrepparttar 105977 more links back to your site you will have.


For example on my website Crossword Heaven ( I have a service where webmasters can add a crossword to their site. On my site ( I provide quotes that other webmasters can link to by means of a dynamic image.

Getting a domain name

Written by Padawan

Registering a domain name is one ofrepparttar two tasks that you will have to undertake before even building your website. The other process is obtaining hosting for your site.

A domain name makes up part ofrepparttar 105973 address of your site and can have many endings, such as .com, .net,, .info, .org and many many more.

Choosing a Domain Name

Obviouslyrepparttar 105974 type of name you wish to register will depend largely uponrepparttar 105975 purpose of your site. For example if you are publishing a slideshow of photos for your relatives to view oversees then a domain name something like "" or "" will work well for you.

Onrepparttar 105976 other hand, if you are designing a site to attract anonymous visitors either as a hobby or because you a running a business then something more catchy and descriptive will be needed.

This is because your average surfer, viewing many hundreds of web pages, will only search you out and then remember you from your keywords (more on this later).

For example, would be a much better choice than The first example is more memorable and may benefit from better traffic due torepparttar 105977 keywords inrepparttar 105978 title. The hyphens between words also makerepparttar 105979 name far more readable.

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