Got The Beginner's Blues?

Written by Jay Harris

I think about 99.9% ofrepparttar mail order dealers who have been in business 5 years or longer (myself included) started out thinking mail order was an easy business to get into. I used to lay awake at night calculating allrepparttar 148124 responses I would get to my ad.

"Let's see - if I advertise to 1,000 people I should get a minimum of 10 orders, basing my figures onrepparttar 148125 overall 1% response rate. In addition, if I advertise to 1,000,000 people I should get a minimum of 1,000 orders - usingrepparttar 148126 same 1% response rate. It's inevitable, I have to sink all my money into advertising becauserepparttar 148127 orders will start pouring in within a week or two."

I even went on to fantasize: "So, if I advertise to 1,000,000 and generate 1,000 orders, and my product sells for only $5 - I will have $5,000.00 coming in within only a few short weeks. It certainly costs less than $5,000 to advertise to a 1,000,000 circulation - so it's a sure thing that I'll make a bunch of money in mail order."

This approach sounds very logical and statistical, but it doesn't happen like that inrepparttar 148128 "real world" of mail order! Well...maybe once in a blue moon, but most ofrepparttar 148129 time - it just doesn't happen. It's not always because your offer is bad orrepparttar 148130 price is too high. And it's not always because your mailing list was bad. Often times,repparttar 148131 reason lies inrepparttar 148132 fact that you and your company are unknown.

But one ofrepparttar 148133 most important reasons this statistical data only works well on paper is that most beginners are not skilled inrepparttar 148134 area of TARGET MARKETING. Yes - that word is vital torepparttar 148135 money your business will make.

Target marketing is when you "know"repparttar 148136 people you are advertising to. It has nothing to do withrepparttar 148137 product you are selling. For example, I get lots of mailings for products that I have no interest in or need for. Just last week I received a mailing for infant products and a magazine. The products were presented well and were items needed by people who had babies in their household. However, there is no infant at my home and, therefore, I had no interest inrepparttar 148138 products - regardless of how great they were or how little they cost. The mailing went intorepparttar 148139 garbage can.

Another mailing a couple of months ago was a catalog of items I could order if I were a large manufacturing firm. If I hadrepparttar 148140 need for disposing of chemical waste, I certainly would have ordered from this company. But their mailing went inrepparttar 148141 trash also. How many times have you got a mailing that went inrepparttar 148142 trash just because it was selling a product or service you have no interest in? See what I mean. Ifrepparttar 148143 company mailing these catalogs and advertisements would have pre-qualified you or I and target-marketed their items correctly - we would have never received them. It is wasted money forrepparttar 148144 company!

An Idea For Multi-Level People To Consider

Written by Jay Harris

Let me start off by letting you know that I am NOT involved in any MLM programs - I am only speaking from a "consumers" point of view. This is important because I won't spend time cramming multi-level marketing down your throat and people who are already involved in multi-level marketing will appreciaterepparttar opinion ofrepparttar 148123 general public.

A couple of days ago when I was reading through my mail. I came across a plan called United Dental Plan of America. Everything sounded great and wonderful! I wanted to get involved right away. I was ready to write a check and send in my application! The only problem was that it was a MLM (multi-level marketing) plan!

What's so wrong with that? Well, there are a lot of people who don't get involved in MLM plans. It's not to say that I dislike them - I just lackrepparttar 148124 deep down enthusiasm that's needed forrepparttar 148125 long term in a MLM environment. Besides, I didn't want to sell their plan to others - I just wanted to purchaserepparttar 148126 product!

There are lots of people like this. My mother likes to order Avon products because she likes certain things that they sell. At 82-years of age, she has no interest in having parties at her home or running around town trying to be a representative to earn a car. She just wants a tube of hand cream once in awhile.

So why don't MLM businesses advertise their product and have less emphasis on recruiting their downline? In fact, I never see advertising for products - justrepparttar 148127 invitation to join someone's downline. It's because most MLM organizations are set up with "money" beingrepparttar 148128 deriving force in their business. They make more money by recruiting people intorepparttar 148129 program andrepparttar 148130 purchase of marketing materials and sales aides. While this is not true with all MLM companies - it is true for most of them.

Did you ever get one of those announcements inrepparttar 148131 mail for free tickets to a seminar that claims to set you up in business? Have you ever attended one? Well let me tell you -repparttar 148132 speaker is trained to push and motivate their audience. Most people are hit with such a sales pitch that they almost run each other over buyingrepparttar 148133 starter kit for $349.95 atrepparttar 148134 end ofrepparttar 148135 meeting. Then, when they get home they want to shoot themselves for buying something that still doesn't put them in business. It's sad forrepparttar 148136 average guy or gal who really just wants to make some honest money in a business of their own.

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