Got Horns? The Cartier Connoisseur Soiree Does!

Written by Robert LaGrone

Got Horns? The Cartier Connoisseur Soiree Does!

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It’s springtime in Las Vegas! For about a month, we can enjoy outdoor parties without either freezing or roasting, and then we’re back in our climate-controlled houses and casinos. It’s a shame; many of our city’s residents have created fabulous backyard environments, and there are some musical instruments that are just perfect for outdoor playing.

Justrepparttar other day I was downtown when I heard a distant trumpet. Instantly I could tell it wasn’t a recording. Sure enough, a street musician was performing two blocks away, andrepparttar 137532 breeze carriedrepparttar 137533 clear notes easily to my ears. It sharpened my anticipation for tonight’s performance,repparttar 137534 final Soirée ofrepparttar 137535 Cartier Connoisseur Series.

Barbara Butler and Charles Geyer, both music professors at Northwestern University , have been performing as a husband-and-wife duo for three decades. Tonight, besiderepparttar 137536 pool atrepparttar 137537 home of our hosts Bill and Lynn Weidner,repparttar 137538 couple raised two very small horns and transported us to Baroque Europe with Johann Vierdanck’s lively “Capriccioso for Two Trumpets.” Geyer explained afterward that these were called “piccolo trumpets” for their small size and high pitch. An American piece, “The Glendy Burk,” had Barbara starting out withrepparttar 137539 small horn but soon switching to a larger, richer-sounding flugelhorn fromrepparttar 137540 arsenal of trumpets in front of them. This tune, named for a Civil War-era riverboat, was written by Stephen Foster and inspired by Negro songs he heard sung alongrepparttar 137541 riverbanks. The horn melodies, accompanied by piano and percussion, carried beautifully inrepparttar 137542 evening air. I hoperepparttar 137543 residents acrossrepparttar 137544 golf course had their doors open.

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Written by Donnie Piper

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The main disadvantage you'll tend to find is that because there is no real money at risk, people generally play a lot looser than they would at a real money table. Some players will call every hand down torepparttar 137513 river (last community card dealt in holdem), with hands that most good players would fold without question in a real money game.

That said you can get a realistic game sometimes, and for a complete beginner it is a valuable aid to learningrepparttar 137514 different games and strategies.

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