Got Envy?

Written by Kenia Morales

Are you feeling jealous ofrepparttar success, beauty, intelligence etc. of a friend? Do you find yourself wishing you were as lucky as him/her? Is it possible that unconsciously you may wish them wrong, look for faults inrepparttar 146573 person in order to feel better about yourself and worst yet, do you find time to give them unsolicited nasty feedback?

If you can relate to any ofrepparttar 146574 feelings or actions that I mentioned above then I will just be honest: YOUR BEHAVIOR NEEDS TO STOP. Not for your friends sake but, for your own good. The green eye monster hurtsrepparttar 146575 mostrepparttar 146576 person that possesses it. I will explain why: While you are busy worrying about whatrepparttar 146577 next person is doing, they are busy pursuing their own life. They maybe chasing after their dreams, concentrated on a strict beauty regimen etc. So what isrepparttar 146578 outcome of this situation? While they getrepparttar 146579 results they want in life you are still standing there bitter. Wow, is that self destructive or what?

Since, I am certain that this is notrepparttar 146580 way you want to live I will Give you some tips that will help you zaprepparttar 146581 green eye monster out of your life:

*Take time to get to know your self better. Once you know your True emotions and desiresrepparttar 146582 less you would want anyone else's life, success etc.

*Work continuously to improve yourself. Contrary to popular belief people are not born perfect or superior to others. But, successful individuals haverepparttar 146583 ability to stay open minded and acquire or enhance their skills. Plusrepparttar 146584 more you are focus on yourselfrepparttar 146585 less time you have to engage in “petty envy”.

Career Help: How To Complete Jobs Applications

Written by Ispas Marin

The majority ofrepparttar employers will give you a job application that you have to fill in although you have already submitted a resume. This application is as important asrepparttar 146572 resume.

Usually jobs applications requestrepparttar 146573 same standard information. So it's better if you can gather this information in advance. You can type it on a page and when you are atrepparttar 146574 employer's office you can copyrepparttar 146575 info avoiding mistakes that can appear because ofrepparttar 146576 emotions and panic.

You should list your past positions, salaries and any other compensations you had. Do not forget to adrepparttar 146577 list of schools you have attended and military services.

You will also be asked aboutrepparttar 146578 duties and responsibilities for each position. This answers you should also prepare from home. Instead of trying to remember and hesitate it's better to have four or five phrases prepared.

It's also useful to include any volunteer activities like working atrepparttar 146579 school newspaper or fundraisings.

Most important is to be honest. Allrepparttar 146580 information about you can be verified. So if an employer finds out you lied he can disqualify or fire you.

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