Google to Offer Payment Services Like Paypal

Written by Ratliff J

Google Inc. this year plans to offer an electronic-payment service that could helprepparttar Internet-search company diversify its revenue and may put it in competition with eBay Inc.'s PayPal unit, according to people familiar withrepparttar 143975 matter.

Exact details ofrepparttar 143976 search company's planned service aren't known. Butrepparttar 143977 people familiar withrepparttar 143978 matter say it could have similarities with PayPal, which allows consumers to pay for purchases by funding electronic-payment accounts from their credit cards or checking accounts.

Some consumers like PayPal forrepparttar 143979 security it offers, since it allows them to share their banking or credit-card numbers only with PayPal without having to divulgerepparttar 143980 information to merchants.

Officials of Google and PayPal declined to comment.

The 5 step program to getting listed on Google fast.

Written by John Lafferty

) Pick your keywords very carefully and make sure you have a top 20 list of powerful keywords that are mentioned throughout your site. Donít repeat these more than 7 times per page. It will look to spamy torepparttar search engines when there spider bots come to call.

2) Make sure your main keyword is mentioned as close as possible torepparttar 143806 top of your websites homepage. Within repparttar 143807 first 300 characters is best but donít repeat it twice withinrepparttar 143808 first 300. Also try and mention one keyword per header.

3) Keep it relevant! Donít go off topic! As long as your main keywords match repparttar 143809 content or theme of your site you will rank higher and get listed quicker.

4) Stick to one theme per site and create 5 content pages featuring articles a month to keeprepparttar 143810 search engines interested and your visitors. Pick a keyword related to your sites theme and write a article on it. Do this 5 times a month if possible. It doesnít always have to be a new topic but it should be written around a high demand low supply keyword thatís related to your sites theme.

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