Google gives Web Page History More Importance

Written by Rick Hendershot

by Rick Hendershot, e_Marketing Blog

The Google patent application submitted in March, 2005 has generated a good deal of debate among search engine optimization experts. The patent document contains many general suggestions aboutrepparttar direction Google wants to move their search criteria and ranking techniques inrepparttar 143203 near future.

The document points out two areas in particular in which "there remains a need to improverepparttar 143204 quality of results generated by search engines." (0009) These two areas are

(a) artificially inflated rank due to spamming techniques, and (b) stale documents that rank higher than fresh ones, and therefore "degraderepparttar 143205 search results".

Google's ingenious proposal is to deal with both of these problems by focusing onrepparttar 143206 history of web documents and web links. Assuming they haverepparttar 143207 technology to record such a massive amount of information, their objective seems to be to keep a detailed record ofrepparttar 143208 pattern of changes within web pages.

This should addressrepparttar 143209 spam issue by revealing unnatural patterns of change. Too many links too quickly suggests "unnatural" linking activity has been taking place. Significant links that come and go might suggest that expensive links are being purchased on a temporary basis and are not "natural".

And it should addressrepparttar 143210 "staleness" issue by looking atrepparttar 143211 way specific pages have been updated. If a page that has ranked high in specific searches has not been updated for a period of time, this will be seen as a reason to downgraderepparttar 143212 importance of that page. Other pages with more activity, more up to date information, and more linking activity, all other things being equal, will rank higher.

History is more important than ever

This means Google either already gives, or intends to giverepparttar 143213 "history" of documents more significance. And not justrepparttar 143214 date whenrepparttar 143215 document is created, or most recently changed. They also propose trackingrepparttar 143216 pattern ofrepparttar 143217 changes in content, changes in anchor text of links, changes in numbers and quality of inbound links, changes in quality and number of outbound links, changes in other pages withinrepparttar 143218 same associated group of documents, and even changes withinrepparttar 143219 pages linking to a document.

What's the Big Hurry?

Written by Rick Hendershot

by Rick Hendershot, Marketing Bites

Quite often I get asked whatrepparttar magic solution is for getting better Google ranking. Sometimesrepparttar 143202 questions sound fairly naive, something like this:

"I have recently established a site called and would like to rank much higher in Google, Yahoo and MSN. Can you tell me how to do this without spending a lot of money? Can I get intorepparttar 143203 top 10 within 1 or 2 months?"

This is one of those "rookie" questions. Experienced marketers know that predicting search engine rankings is always a hit or miss affair. SEO practitioners who "guarantee" high search engine rankings are making misleading claims, intended only to sell their services.

Imagine how many sites within any competitive area are going after those "top 10" rankings. Many of your competitors have been around for a few years, so they have an established site with lots of valuable content, steady traffic, and thousands of sites linking into them. How can you expect just to throw up a site and within a month or two walk away with a "top 10" position?

This is only possible within a narrowly defined, highly specialized niche. Say for instance you are going to hold a Wazooski family reunion next year, and want to userepparttar 143204 internet to promote it. Chances are a few well placed announcements scattered around 20 or 30 article sites, directories and blogs will generate enough search engine activity to get you good positioning inrepparttar 143205 search engines. Within a month or two you should getrepparttar 143206 number one spot for "Wazooski family reunion", withinrepparttar 143207 top 10 for "Wazooski", and possibly even an honourable mention further downrepparttar 143208 list for "family reunion". Using a blog or two will often speed this process up considerably.

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