Google for Resellers: Leveling the Resell Playing Field

Written by Kendall Simmons

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With so many people trying to make money onrepparttar 149849 web and so many products being sold with resell and master resell rights,

it's a wonder anyone can make any money at all at it!

Indeed, most people don't.


Sometimes it's because people get in onrepparttar 149850 tail end ofrepparttar 149851 product being sold and start trying to resell it just asrepparttar 149852 original creator decides to start giving it away for free. Generally this is 3-4 months afterrepparttar 149853 product debuts.

But lots of times people actually learn quickly about a new resale product, but don't have a mailing list or website with lots of traffic to advertiserepparttar 149854 product to.

So what are you to do if you're one of these folks? You use Google Adwords as your new best friend.

Notice that I said AdWORDS, not AdSENSE. What'srepparttar 149855 difference? Adsense isrepparttar 149856 big thing those marketing gurus have recently been talking up. You know...make a web page specifically designed for a search term, put Google Adsense on that page, and make tons of money when people click on those ads. (Yeah, right, sure. They don't happen to mention that you need *traffic* before you can get clicks.)

AdWords, onrepparttar 149857 other hand, are those ads themselves. Where YOU arerepparttar 149858 person paying every time someone clicks on one of them. And I have found them to berepparttar 149859 #1 way to make money with short-term resell products if you don't have a decent mailing list.

Steps and Rules of Thumb

Here arerepparttar 149860 steps and rules of thumb I use to achieve good to great profits on short-term sales items - those products that will be sold quickly then given away free within 3-4 months - practically every time.

#1 ~~ I do a Google search onrepparttar 149861 product name to see ifrepparttar 149862 market is already saturated (not all 'new' products are actually new), to see ifrepparttar 149863 product is already being given away free (most end up this way), and to see whatrepparttar 149864 Google Adwords competition looks like.

If everybody and his brother are already selling or giving it away, I look for a new product.

#2 ~~ Assuming there's an opportunity here, I userepparttar 149865 Overture Keyword Bid Amounts Lookup Tool < > and, as well as Google Adwords itself, to see what advertisers are paying for various search words and phrases, and comparerepparttar 149866 cost per click torepparttar 149867 sale price ofrepparttar 149868 item.

Rule of Thumb: I don't spend more than 1/100th ofrepparttar 149869 price of an item on a click.

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